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"The 'Voyage to Well Being' was such an inspiring vacation that I signed up my entire family for the next year before I left the ship! What a fantastic way to combine enlightening seminars with interesting ports of call while avoiding the hassles of transportation and the search for quality food. And as an added bonus--the opportunity to form friendships for a lifetime!"
Elizabeth S., Washington, DC
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About Us - Holistic Holiday at Sea

Puerto Rico at Night Couscous with Orange Vegetables Yoga on the Deck of a Cruise Ship

Holistic Holiday at Sea offers vacations that are relaxing, educational, and inspirational. We are a Miami, Florida based educational company set up several years ago to help create public awareness about the important role diet, nutrition, and lifestyle play in the maintenance of health and onset of disease. The idea was simply to introduce people to alternatives in eating and health related topics. However, over the years our concept has evolved into creating vacations that promote healing from within as well as an opportunity to enjoy beautiful and exotic places. Our vision is to help people help themselves by offering holistic methods for achieving health and spiritual well-being and by offering financial support to other organizations that share our goals.

Holistic Holiday at Sea has sponsored seminars and conferences in resort hotels in Palm Springs and San Francisco, California; Breckinridge, Colorado; and Miami Beach, Florida. On several occasions Holistic Holiday at Sea has sponsored large, open-air health festivals in Coconut Grove, Florida. These events have been supported by the local media and attended by up to 30,000 people. We feel these festivals have been instrumental in introducing thousands of people to the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

Holistic Holiday at Sea events have included classes or lectures on various alternative health practices such as diet, cooking, acupuncture, shiatsu, homeopathy, Oriental medicine, massage, acupressure, and spiritual practices such as chi qung, yoga, and meditation. We serve specially-prepared natural and whole foods in an atmosphere of learning and relaxation. Our weekend and 7 day cruise programs have been attended by thousands of participants and have featured nationally known and respected speakers. Many of our keynote speakers, who have returned often, have been distinguished physicians and research scientists such as public health advocate Neal Barnard, M.D., plant-based research scientist and author of, The China Study, T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D, restorative cardio-vascular health authority Caldwell B Esselstyn, M.D., nutritional medicine expert Joel Fuhrman, M.D., nutrition expert Michael Greger, M.D., plant-based fasting authority and radio personality Michael Klaper, M.D., Benjamin Spock, M.D., Bernie Seigel, M.D., Deepak Chopra, M.D., Dean Ornish, M.D., and Keith Block, M.D. Other notable featured speakers/teachers have been Michio and Aveline Kushi, Bill Tara, Shizuko Yamamoto, John Robbins, Raffi, yoga pioneer Yogi Amrit Desai, Cesar Chavez, ultraendurance athlete Rich Roll, Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, Bhava Ram, Herman Aihara, Gabriel Cousens, Emmy Award-winning TV chef Christina Pirello, well-known cookbook author Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, popular personality Chef AJ, author of Skinny Bitch Rory Freedman and Hollywood celebrities such as natural foods enthusiast and bionic women Lindsey Wagner, five time Emmy Award winner Ed Asner, Emmy Award winner Ted Danson, and Academy Award Winner Mary Steenburgen. Holistic Holiday at Sea has been an educational, relaxing, life changing experience for thousands of people over the past twenty years. Many of our programs offer continuing education credits for participating health and education professionals. Also, many of our teachers and speakers offer personalized one-on-one counseling on request.

In February of 2004 we introduced an exciting variation on our theme by taking our program to the sunny Caribbean on the luxurious MSC fleet of Italian cruise liners. MSC combines the style and sophistication of Europe with American comforts and convenience. In 2016 we will be doing our thirteenth cruise aboard the magnificent MSC Divina, with over 1,400 like-minded guests. Come join us on a voyage to wellness.

Sandy Pukel and John Belleme
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