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"The 'Voyage to Well Being' was such an inspiring vacation that I signed up my entire family for the next year before I left the ship! What a fantastic way to combine enlightening seminars with interesting ports of call while avoiding the hassles of transportation and the search for quality food. And as an added bonus--the opportunity to form friendships for a lifetime!"
Elizabeth S., Washington, DC
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In the Media

For media inquiries please contact:
Sandy Pukel
Tel. (305) 725-0081
Email: sandy@holisticholidayatsea.com


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Publications: Articles, Books, and Stories About Past Cruises

Publications | Broadcast

Publication Title Date
VegWorld Magazine A Star-Studded Vegan Voyage
- Tanya Cleary
July/Aug 2018
RewardExpert.com Holistic Holiday at Sea: Cruise the Caribbean while Improving Your Lifestyle
- by Angela Rose
May 2017
Jewish Veg The Jewish Veg Spotlight Shines On... Sandy Pukel
- Jewish Veg
Jan 2017
Porthole Magazine Cruise Well
- by Margot Bigg
Aug 2016
Macrobiotics Today A Voyage toward Greater Health and Happiness
- by Jane Quincannon Stanchich
Summer 2016
Macrobiotics Today Profound Transformations at Sea - An Interview with John and Jan Belleme
- by Julia Ferre
Mar 2016
Bevnet Nutpods Selected as Preferred Creamer for Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise
- Press Release
Jan 2016
Coconut Grove Grapevine Holistic Holiday at Sea cruises in February
- by Grapevine
Nov 2015
Natural Awakenings Dr. T. Colin Campbell on the Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet
- by Sandy Pukel
Nov 2015
Vegan Health and Fitness Does the Vegan Love Boat Really Exist?
- by Melissa Karpel
Sept/Oct 2015
Natural Awakenings Dr. Neal Barnard on Diet, Lifestyle & Brain Health
- by Sandy Pukel
Oct 2015
Live Vegan Vibrantly Summit Video Interview with Sandy Pukel
- by Laura Christine Sainz
May 2015
Huffington Post 2015 Predictions From Vegan and Plant-Based Nutrition Experts
- by Sandy Pukel
May 2015
Huffington Post Meatless Monday: Ahoy, Plant-Based Matey -- Holistic Holiday at Sea Sets Sail
- by Ellen Kanner
Mar 2015
Natural Awakenings Edible Plant Power - Eating to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease
- by John Belleme
Jan 2015
Natural Awakenings Healthy Holiday at Sea - Set Sail on the Caribbean's Only Holistic Love Boat
- by Judith Fein
Nov 2014
USA Today Holistic holidays: Wellness cruise vacations
- by Fran Golden
Oct 2014
Doctor's Review Vegans at Sea - A doctor and his daughters cruise the Caribbean on the way to healthier living
- by Christine Homsy
Sep 2014
Simply the Best Magazine An Accidental Vegan: Holistic Holiday at Sea
- by Judy Kirkwood
Sept/Oct 2014
Natural Awakenings Atlanta Publishers Cruise for Vegan Cuisine
- by Larissa Stewart & Michael Graff
June 2014
Macrobiotics Today Healthy and Happy Holiday at Sea
- by Julia Ferre
Summer 2014
Macrobiotics Today Profound Transformations at Sea
- by Julia Ferre
Sept/Oct 2013
VegNews All Aboard the 100-Percent Vegan Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise
- by Joseph Connelly
March 18, 2013
Macrobiotics Today Smooth Sailing on a Calm Sea - Holistic Holiday at Sea IX Report
- by Julia Ferre
Mar 2014
San Francisco Chronicle Cruising toward health on the high seas
- Tracy L. Barnett
Aug 26, 2012
Macrobiotics Today Smooth Sailing on a Calm Sea
- by Julia Ferre
July/Aug 2012
Amberwaves Cruise to Health and Happiness
- by Cynthia Vann
Summer 2012
Porthole Cruising Cures
- by Clark Norton
Feb, 2012
Boston Globe Kick-starting a holistic lifestyle on the high seas
- by Pippin Ross
Dec 11, 2011
VegNews All Aboard
- by Joseph Connelly
Nov/Dec 2011
Body Plus Magazine Holistic Holiday at Sea August 2011
Macrobiotics Today Cruising to New Horizons
- by Jane Quinncannon-Stanchich
July/August 2011
Macrobiotics Today A Voyage to Well-Being
- by Jane Quincannon Stanchich
July/August 2010
HuffingtonPost.com Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes
- by Sandy Pukel
Dec 13, 2010
MSNBC.com Are health-conscious cruises all the rage?
- by Jessica Campbell
Oct 19, 2010
Budget Travel Are health-conscious cruises all the rage? Oct 18, 2010
HuffingtonPost.com President Clinton: One Vegan's Appreciation
- by Sandy Pukel
Oct 5, 2010
PeterGreenberg.com Weight Loss Cruises
- by Peter Greenberg
Feb 22, 2010
BoomerLiving.com A Taste of Health Cruise for Baby Boomers
- by Phyllis Steinberg
Feb 2010
NY Times Offering Whatever Floats Your Boat
- by Elaine Glusac
Feb 14, 2010
LA Times Getting into shipshape on a macrobiotic cruise
- by Judith Fein
Jan 24, 2010
Sun Sentinal Vegetarian today
- by Steve Petusevsky
Dec 17, 2009
East Bay Expresso Big Macro
- by Anneli Rufus
Nov 11, 2009
Spirituality & Health A Holistic Holiday at Sea
- by Matt Sutherland
Nov/Dec 2009
Organic Spa Magazine Cruising to Health - The wellness advertures of a couple at sea aboard a holistic cruise.
- by Judith Fein
July/Aug 2009
Macrobiotics Today A Voyage of Hope, Healing, and Fun
- by Warren Kramer
July/Aug 2009
PeterGreenberg.com “Wave Season” for Cruise Lines Ending, Deals Likely to Continue
- by Sarika Chawla
Feb 27, 2009
The New York Times Cruise Lines Navigate Shifting Tides & New Waves of Interest
- by Amy Gunderson
Feb 15, 2009
USA Today - Cruise Log Health expert: Cruises can be good for you
- by Gene Sloan
Jan 6, 2009
Gallagher's Travels Cruising Your Way to Health
- by Phyllis Steinberg
Oct 17, 2008
Calgary Sun Cruise can bring you 'Holistic Holiday at Sea'
- by Carolyn Mittelstadt
Oct 9, 2008
Asheville Citizen-Times Weeklong Cruise Offers a Healthy Holiday- by Nanci Bompey Sept 23, 2008
Townsend Letter Health Risks & Environmental Issues - Health Cruise 2008
- by Rose Marie Williams, MA
Aug/Sept 2008
Vegetarian Times Mind Your Meals
- by Amy Spitalnick
Sept 2008
Macrobiotics Today People, Ocean, Learning, Food and Fun...All in One!
- by David Briscoe
Aug 2008
National Geographic Traveler The 100 Best Worldwide Vacations to Enrich Your Life
- by Pam Grout
May 2008
Calgary Sun Holistic cruise ship graced by Italian style
- by Carolyn Mittelstadt
May 22, 2008
Calgary Sun Vegging on the high seas
- by Carolyn Mittelstadt
May 22, 2008
San Francisco Chronicle Cruise Briefing with Capt. Stubing: 'The Love Boat' now ...
- by Spud Hilton
Mar 9, 2008
Miami Herald Author-cruise guru is on a food mission
- by Ellen Kanner
Jan 21, 2008
Traveler's Journal Cruise Away to a Healthier You in 2008 Jan 1st 2008
Vegetarian Times Smooth Sailing - A healthy veg vacation on the high seas?...
- by Lisa Barley
Oct 2007
Macrobiotics Today Holistic Holiday at Sea IV
- by Ronald E. Koetzsch, Ph.D.
Aug 2007
Coral Gables News Tribune Sandy Pukel Promotes Healthy Eating Through Ocean Cruises
- by Ron Beasley
May 2007
PeterGreenberg.com Resolution Cruises
- by Sarika Chawla
Feb, 1 2007
Macrobiotics Today A Voyage to Well-Being
- by Robert N. Carr, Jr.
Aug 2006
Cruise Trade Holistic Health Groups Take to the Sea
- by Marilyn Green
June 2006
The Health Planet Holistic Holiday at Sea
- by Lisbeth Odén
Aug 2005
Macrobiotics Today A Voyage to Well-being - Recipes from The Holiday at Sea...
- by Warren Wepman
Aug 2005
Sacred Pathways "Holistic Holiday at Sea" - Voyage to Well Being Sets Sail
- by Joann Impallaria
Oct/Nov 2004
Macrobiotics Today The First Holistic Holiday at Sea
- by Haije Nielsen
Aug 2004
Organic Product News Life's A Macrobiotic Cruise
- by Craig Sams
May 2004
The Miami Herald Healthy, Holistic Week-long Cruise Set to Sail Sunday
- by Kyle Machado
Feb 26, 2004
Abundance A Hero For Our Times... Sandy Pukel
- by Michele Bege
Nov 2003
Macrobiotics Today From Woodstock to Wellness
- by John Belleme
July 2003

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