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"The Holistic Holiday at Sea™ cruise is a transforming experience. It's an opportunity to expand your knowledge and eat perfectly healthy foods while relaxing in the beautiful Caribbean. It wouldn't surprise me if you came back from your vacation a different person."
Neal Barnard, M.D., Washington, DC
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Cancer Prevention Diet

Macrobiotics Touted as Cancer Prevention Diet

Author of several bestselling books, including The Macrobiotic Way and The Cancer Prevention Diet, Michio Kushi is internationally renowned for his focus on creating health and peace through balanced eating and living. Mr. Kushi has authored several books and booklets on the topics of food, health, cancer prevention diet, and world peace. On the cruise he will be giving three separate lectures on aspects of holistic living. Are the rumors true? Looking to stay healthy and cancer-free? On the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise there will be vast exploration of the Hippocratic quote, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” We offer education on alternative diets and the role that they can play in cancer prevention.

"Never would I have ever imagined that 10 years after being given a terminal cancer diagnosis, I would marry the love of my life on a macrobiotic cruise. Thank you God, and Mr. Kushi for second chances." - Janet Vitt-Sommer, Ohio

Doctors Examine a Cancer Prevention Diet

According to the National Cancer Institute, about one third of all cancer deaths are related to malnutrition. Therefore, it is important to give your body a constant supply of nutrients to use as fuel during the healing process. This unique vegan travel experience will provide education about foods that contribute to a cancer prevention diet. Additionally, educational lectures by key doctors on the cruise will clearly illustrate the supporting correlation between a cancer prevention diet with a balanced, more plant-based approach and one’s health and longevity while helping to avoid illnesses.

Uplifting Speakers Discuss Cancer Prevention Diet and Recovery Panel

One of the highlights of the cruise is the Recovery Panel. During this panel, twelve survivors tell their stories of using a cancer prevention diet and other alternative health practices to reverse their illness and find renewed health. Panelists have recovered from a variety of illnesses, including several with various forms of terminal cancer. These cancer survivors speak about their diagnosis and about how they adopted cancer prevention diets to help reverse their cancer. These stories of cancer survival with support of healthy nutrition are educational and inspiring.

The Holistic Holiday at Sea vegan cruise with its three vegan meal per day, 120 classes and workshops, the recovery panel and other healing activities is a great place to explore the cancer prevention powers of healthy diets and lifestyle choices.

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