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"We were so surprised at how wonderful the experience was...the staff was professional and friendly. Everyone worked very hard to insure a good time. The food was amazing and the service elegant...an excellent change from most 'macro' experiences. This should be on everybody's list of ‘must do’."
Christina Pirello, Philadelphia, PA
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Whole Foods Vegan Cuisine

Tofu Platter Vegan Buffet Spring Rolls

During your 10-day Holistic Holiday at Sea™ cruise, you will dine in a Continental atmosphere in the MSC Divina's elegant dining rooms, staffed with attentive, well-trained waiters. Your food will be expertly prepared with care and attention to detail under the strict supervision of Mark Hanna, an internationally known natural food chef and author who has cooked at yoga retreats, meditation centers and macrobiotic and vegan conferences around the world. For the past 15 years, Mark has personally designed the menu and created the recipes.

In addition to our 100% vegan whole food menu, we offer a vegan menu with no added oil. The dishes in both of these Holistic Holiday at Sea menus are made almost entirely from scratch using high quality, whole foods. We use NO cane sugar, honey, fructose or artificial sweeteners. Desserts are typically sweetened with maple syrup and/or rice syrup. Our menus are ideally suited for anyone eating a vegan, macrobiotic or gluten-free diet. The ship’s menu is also available on request.

Ingredients for the vegan dishes being served at any given meal will be posted at the entrance to the dining room. If you have food allergies or sensitivities, please check the ingredient lists carefully, so you know what courses you may have to avoid.

Although we offer a formal sit-down menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a variety of cooked and raw foods are also available in our vegan section of the ship’s buffet for breakfast and lunch. Some raw foods are usually also available on the sit-down dinner menu.

We offer an optional diet for those working with a health provider or counselor on a specific health issue. This fare usually consists of specially prepared, simple dishes with less salt, no oil and no flour. If you are booked on the cruise and are interested in this option, please email david@holisticholidayatsea.com. In order to facilitate ordering and prevent waste, people choosing this option must let us know prior to departure.

If you want to serve the delicious Holistic Holiday at Sea menu to your family and friends, you can find many of our favorite cruise recipes in Greens and Grains on the Deep Blue Sea by Sandy Pukel and Mark Hanna.

Head Chef Mark Hanna Delicious Vegan Entrées
Mark Hanna Polenta with Pesto
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