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Quotes and Pictures from Past Events

Wine Party

More than a cruise to the Caribbean, more than gourmet vegan macrobiotic meals three times a day, more than educational workshops, more than inspirational speakers, the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise is a voyage to discover the joy of living - a joy so grand that it permeates everyone on board.
Julia Ferre

"Great cruise! A life changing experience. You brought to one venue almost every Whole Food Plant Based expert. I think of each one as a facet of the WFPB diamond. Thank you Sandy Pukel! My wife and I loved every minute!"
Marc Slavin

“Two weeks ago my wife and I got married in Michigan. She has been vegan for 10 years. Myself just recently working hard to get in the lifestyle. She (and I) chose this cruise for our honeymoon and now that it is coming to an end, I can honestly say it has been the most enjoyable and most informative week of my life! The people we’ve met are fantastic, the presenters so full of knowledge (and willing/open to sharing it with us), and the ship was awesome. Each day brought new classes and topics and choices. This trip was wonderful!!”
John Danci, Romulus, MI

“I knew coming in to the 2014 Vegan Cruise of Holistic Holiday at Sea that I had lots to be excited about, but I must say, the actual experience exceeded even my high expectations… [It was] one of the most exciting, informative, challenging, and enjoyable experiences EVER!”
Sivan Pardo Renwick, Tel Aviv, Israel

“We (3 sisters) had a fabulous time. The cruise was beyond our expectations!! The food was fabulous, the lectures were outstanding and very inspirational, we've all tweaked our diets! The dancing, entertainment, extras so much fun….and we loved our room.”
Sharon Bruckman, Naples, FL, publisher of the Naples Natural Awakenings Magazine

“The 2014 MSC Divina sailing out of Miami was our first vegan cruise ever. The voyage was first and foremost an amazing human experience as we mingled with so many fellow travelers of like mind who were also eager to learn more about either recovering from illness or maintaining optimal health. This was for us a unique time of peace and tranquility like few others in our lives.

The culinary experience onboard was second to none! We ate delicious, healthy foods daily and participated in superb lectures with cutting edge leaders in the health field. This was the only cruise where we did not gain weight! The entertainment was mind blowing and the Divina and its facilities were an exceptional value. We are already registered for the 2015 cruise and hoep to meet with our many friends once again! This is bound to be a family tradition!”
Dr. Ivan and Mrs. Mary Delgado, Atlantic, IA

"I haven't come down from my high yet. The value of this experience far exceeds what I paid for it. Thank you and the others who envisioned this and make it possible. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made."
Ulysses Kilgore, III, New York

"The 'Voyage to Well Being' was such an inspiring vacation that I signed up my entire family for the next year before I left the ship! What a fantastic way to combine enlightening seminars with interesting ports of call while avoiding the hassles of transportation and the search for quality food. And as an added bonus--the opportunity to form friendships for a lifetime!"
Elizabeth S., Washington, DC

Niel Barnard

"The Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise is a transforming experience. It's an opportunity to expand your knowledge and eat perfectly healthy foods while relaxing in the beautiful Caribbean. It wouldn't surprise me if you came back from your vacation a different person."
Neal Barnard, M.D., Washington, DC

"The cruise offered so much more than I ever imagined. Usually, when I go on a vacation, the benefits wear off in a couple of days. Within a week the vacation seems like a distant memory. The cruise was completely different. It was a vacation where the impact and value of the experience continues to expand every day. This indeed, was a vacation which I will never get over."
Allison Dunnigan, New York

Sushi Cooking Class

"Our third Holistic Holiday at Sea Caribbean Cruise was an exhilarating week filled with wonderful natural food to nourish our bodies, informative lectures to stimulate our minds, and the opportunity to network with like-minded people world wide. Join us next year for the fourth cruise to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul!"
Carol and Ron Adams, Washington

"As a family nurse practioner and nurse oncologist, attending this holistic cruise profoundly educated, enlightened and energized me personally, professionally and spiritually. I highly recommend everyone take the opportunity to become aware of this experience for a lifetime of health and healing."
Diane O. Pinkard, MSM, ANP, Tennessee

Yoga With Yogi Desai

"Students of yoga will appreciate the immediate calming and meditative environment this holistic cruise creates the moment they board the ship. It is an ideal setting for exploring the deeper aspects of meditation, which is supported by the staff, the wholesome cuisine and the ambiance this tour package provides."
Yogi Master Yogi Amrit Desai, Salt Springs, FL

"Never would I have ever imagined that 10 years after being given a terminal cancer diagnosis, I would marry the love of my life on a macrobiotic cruise. Thank you God, and Mr. Kushi for second chances."
Janet Vitt-Sommer, Ohio


"The cruise is a life changing experience. When I decided to join the cruise I thought it would be just a change and getting away from the daily routine, but it turned out that I learned a lot, besides the fun that we all really enjoyed. I am coming with my family and friends next year, trying to convince everyone around me."
Olivia Mitri, Palestine

"Wow. Life has been such a whirlwind since returning from the cruise! It is as if the cruise brought so many like-minded people together, and created such a tremendous amount of energy, that it has been with us for weeks! I found the cruise to be an unexpected and huge force of unstoppable positive energy, an experience that grows more positive with time."
Gayle Stolove, Fort Lauderdale, FL


"The Holistic Holiday at Sea was the most remarkable gathering of energy I can ever remember. The people, the food, the workshops, the staff - everything on board made me feel incredibly lucky to be alive and able to participate in such a magical event. I eagerly await being aboard next year!"
Michele Bege, Editor Abundance Magazine

"I am so happy that I was able to talk to you today. The Holistic Cruise was the best vacation that my husband and I ever had. It changed our life. We did not know much about macrobiotic food before the cruise. After the cruise, we were convinced that's the way to go."
Shirley Persaud, Morganville, NJ


"The Holistic Holiday at Sea was a unique opportunity to combine first-rate health and food lectures with imaginative macrobiotic meals, plus ship shows and activities. We rose at dawn for yoga; sunrise and sunset were God's added gifts. The lecturers were inspiring, energetic, and sociable. We dined with like-minded brown rice enthusiasts, and the staff did all of the chopping. What more could one desire? Well, visiting the ports was fun, too!"
Barbara Werzansky, Pearl River, NY

"A week of fabulous food and informative lectures that left us feeling informed, exhilarated and empowered to give macrobiotics a try."
Helene McKay, New Jersey

"What a wonderful week away - we had delicious food and outstanding lectures. This is an ideal opportunity to learn more, experience and taste true health from leading practitioners. Looking forward to seeing you next year."
Jason Ruddock & Martina Coogan, New Jersey.

"I was never really attracted to cruises. In fact, they were very low on my list of 'must-do's' in my life. But when the opportunity came along for this cruise, we said, 'why not...how bad could it be?' We were so surprised at how wonderful the experience was...the staff was professional and friendly. Everyone worked very hard to insure a good time. The food was amazing and the service elegant...an excellent change from most 'macro' experiences. This should be on everybody's list of 'must do'."
TV Personality Christina Pirello, Philadelphia, PA

Christina Pirello

"This trip was just the macrobiotic refresher course that I needed, perfectly timed at the tail end of a cold, wet winter in England. It was a real treat to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy Caribbean sunshine, a stimulating program of events and the kind of food you dream about on vacation but never get. I made new friends, true kindred spirits, who I hope will be friends for a long time to come, and my faith in a macrobiotic future for all was reinvigorated. Truly one of the main highlights of my 35 years of enjoying the macrobiotic way of life."
Organic foods pioneer Craig Sams, UK

"The Holistic Holiday At Sea Change My Life. I am now eating better and doing yoga. The organization was incredible. I plan to go next year."
Judith Alstadter, St. Petersburg, FL

"Talking to other like minded people and hearing their stories. Ability to make choices from both holistic menu and ship menu. Access to teachers in a casual atmosphere."
Wendy Steinbaum, Georgia

"Memories of my first macrobiotic cruise will be with me forever. Wonderful food, excellent programs, and most of all the new friends that I made; unbelievable staff, lecturers and fellow travelers that have become my new extended macrobiotic family .. I feel like I have come home...Looking forward to next year..and all those wonderful hugs."
Judy Levine, Florida

"A week of tropical bliss encompassing all our senses, moving to an island beat, indulging in the world of delicious macrobiotic cuisine while experiencing fabulous educational opportunities and relaxing fellowship with like-minded friends."
Mary Bailey, Tennessee

"Caroline and I both agree this was truly THE BEST vacation of our lives. We have already signed on for next year’s cruise and look forward to it with grand anticipation."
Larry Gust and Caroline Blakemore, California


"500+ like-minded people on a cruise ship for a week was such a treat. The yoga nidra was life transforming. Now that I'm home I'm having fun incorporating healthy food into my diet. Thanks for the experience and see you next year!"
Gina Garoogian, California

"This was my 2nd Annual Holistic Holiday at Sea with the Macrobiotic perspective. I thoroughly enjoyed being in the company of people seeking to better themselves by reinforcing and/or opening themselves to new alternatives. All the presenters were lovely and the food delightful! I am looking forward to next year's cruise."
Teresa Medal, Georgia

Bhante G Class

"Wonderful experience – well organized – lovely people – great information – terrific atmosphere – talented teachers & super food. I heard many people say that this was a “life changing experience.” How cool is that!!"
Cheryl and Steve Heard, Connecticut

"What a fabulous week! Since I have chemical sensitivities, I was nervous about going on a cruise. The cleaning products Costa uses are much less toxic than those used in many places. Costa Magica is beautiful! It was fun to be pampered all week. The food was OUTSTANDING! The program was excellent. Thank you, thank you for putting together such an incredible conference!"
Betty McLeod, Maine

Japanese Group Dancing

"What I loved about the cruise was the people I met and the likeness of our thinking. Some of the lectures were just awesome and it got me back on track (the over-cheating on ice cream and pizza is now controlled, shame on me!!! Ha Ha) so I can live a healthier, longer life. The exercise classes (w/ Larry) and facilities on the boat were great. Hope to be there next year. Only something really extreme will keep me away."
Roger Mulley, New York

"Yet another wonderful cruise with happy faces. Good program, great food, dancing and good atmosphere. A warming, helping and caring staff - Thank you with a smile! Can't stay away....till next year."
Haije Nielsen, Netherlands

Luis Piano

"I'm sure you're going to be deluged with e-mails congratulating you and everyone at Holistic Holiday at Sea for the phenomenal Holistic Holiday cruise this year, so I want to be one of the first ones to do it. Maria and I had a fantastic time! Great workshops and lectures, great food and the nicest people, plus all the sunshine and turquoise water."
Luiz Simas, New York

"We loved the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise. It was so special to meet and spend time with other people interested in a healthy lifestyle. The accommodations were generous, the activities were exciting, and the food was delicious, healthy and beautifully prepared."
Sincerely, Paulette and Steve Gibbons, Florida

Cute Girl Eating

"Chew a little longer, laugh a little louder, learn a little more about living a life of purpose…all of this and more while enjoying the tropical paradise setting of beautiful beaches and crystal blue waters. This year’s cruise offered so many wonderful lectures, workshops and shore excursions… the hardest part of my day was choosing where to be! Good times, good friends, great food…a wonderfully relaxing and enlightening vacation! Sign me up for next year."
Motivational speaker and comedienne Lynn Fanning Lewis, Florida

Chi Kong

"A great experience! The excellent educational program,…access to a wide range of experts, and the beautiful Costa Magica helped make this – our first cruise ever – a real winner!"
Andrij Neczwid, Illinois

"2004 First Annual Caribbean Macrobiotic cruise was a great success. People who worked to care for the participants were very entertaining. Throughout the period at sea, weather was continuously fine celebrating our dream. People could study, enjoy macrobiotic meals, sing together with Italian music and develop friendships. I hope everyone will join in the future."
Macrobiotic leader Michio Kushi, Brookline, Massachusetts

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