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Aaron Mottley

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Born in Belle Glade, south Florida’s agricultural hub, "the muck," so called for its rich soil, Breath Master Aaron Mottley has always had a strong connection to the earth. Losing his mother to cancer in 1989 was the catalyst for this army vet to become an herbalist and natural product manufacturer. Breath Master A started a vegan live-it in 2000, became a Kemetic Yoga instructor in 2006 through Master Yirser Ra Hotep, and certified as a Holistic Health Consultant in 2007 by Llaila Afrika, ND. Along this continuum, he was inspired to pen his classic book, The Obesity Myth: You’re Not OverWeight, You’re OverWaste. Federal government agencies, including FDA, FCC and EEOC, as well as private sector businesses and non-profit organizations, have all benefited from Aaron’s lectures and workshops. Along with health consulting, he practices and teaches H.E.A.R.T. Touch, which he co-created. He works diligently alongside his lovely wife Trina Williams in their business Beautiful Naked sharing and creating holistic healthy lifestyle practices and products.

Lectures and Consultations for the 2017 Cruise

Lecture: The Power of the Breath
The breath is the most fundamental element of life. Life outside of the womb begins and ends with the breath. The way you breathe influences every aspect of your being - everything from your disposition and ability to be calm to your stress level and overall health. In this interactive presentation, you will learn the negative impact of very common shallow breathing and its debilitating impact on health. Learn how the breath relieves issues including IBS, anxiety, obesity and more. Oxygen is the first thing rendered in virtually every emergency situation. Let’s end the emergency! Let’s breathe more fully, deeply and mindfully. Live life abundantly. Get more oxygen, get more life, with breath mastery!

Lecture: The Power of Touch
From birth, human touch is essential. In early childhood, it actually ensures life. We are tactile beings; touch is crucial to our growth and development as physical and spiritual beings.

Touch therapy is powerful and restorative. Emotional, physical and spiritual pain from traumatic events can become trapped in the body. Experts direct the flow of energy through touch. You, too, have this innate ability. There are many forms of very effective energetic modalities. When woven together as with H.E.A.R.T. Touch, they have exponential impact. Embrace the power of touch therapy and your ability to heal.

H.E.A.R.T. Touch (Holistic Energetics Acu-spiraling Reiki and Tapping) − $70/person, 30 min.
“What a massage wishes it could be, all grown up and on steroids.” This hands-on, profoundly relaxing, multilayered, multidimensional energy treatment combines several dynamic energy modalities with percussive drumming, chopping, thrumming and optional aromatherapy. Comprehensive chakra balancing and energetic shifts in the physical, emotional and spiritual body are a dynamic part of this flow. Using his hands and the meditative sound of the breath, Breath Master A will render you into a state of hypnotic bliss. Harmonizing waves of energy will penetrate the skin, bones, organs and cells to create a cascading resonance that corrects imbalances throughout all that comprises YOU.

Breath, Meditation & Sound Group Consultation − $90/person, $150/couple, 2 hrs.
Mastering your breath will help you improve conditions such as COPD, HBP, IBS, anxiety, insomnia, anger, incontinence, constipation and obesity. Combining the Breath Mastery Technique™, Breath of Fire, and so much more with Tapping the Celestial Drum and the Oz Vibration will have you leaving the room on an energetic and euphoric high. Along with practices that strengthen the bladder diaphragm, diminishing the potential for incontinence, you will learn techniques to tone the perianal muscles. These exercises directly impact vaginal strength and dynamic erectile function. All these exercises are part of well-rounded holistic practices using your creative energy center to constantly re-create YOU.

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