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Alicia Sirkin, RDH, BFRP

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Alicia Sirkin is a leading authority in the field of Bach® Flower Remedies, a well-known speaker, media consultant, educator, researcher and internationally published author.

A Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, Alicia co-authored the globally recognized Bach Flower Remedies Quick Reference Guide. Additionally, she designed and co-implemented a scientific double-blind study on the effectiveness of flower remedies for high situational anxiety. The study results appeared in the Journal of Complementary Health Practice Review.

Her medical background and 25-year advocacy of Bach remedies allow Alicia to help others discover the value of flower remedies and the power of positive states of mind in their daily lives. An approved practitioner-teacher for the Bach International Education Program, she teaches in consumer, medical and university settings and consults with private clients worldwide. She is Director of The Sirkin Creative Living Center, LLC. Visit her website: www.flowerhealing.com.

Private Consultations for 2013 Cruise

Bach Flower Remedy Consultation with Custom Personal Formula. 60 minutes - $150.00/person.

Mini Emotional Tune-up Consultation Session. 30 minutes - $80.00/person.
An important part of creating and maintaining health is the ability to sustain a positive mind-set. Bach® Flower Remedies can help ease you through difficult times, relieving stress and anxiety and lessening your emotional over-reactions to life's challenges. Join expert Alicia Sirkin, internationally registered and published Bach Flower Remedy practitioner, educator and researcher in a confidential consultation session to create a unique blend of flower remedies tailored to your current needs. Well-chosen multi-remedy formulas can help shift core emotional imbalances, uplifting spirits, positivity and self-esteem. The 38 homeopathic-like Bach® Flower Remedies, quite different from Aromatherapy (essential oils), have no known side effects and work exclusively to improve states of mind. With Alicia's thorough investigation of vital issues, intuitive guidance and help from the Bach remedies, you can strengthen coping abilities—and therefore your immune system—as you discover solutions for a more meaningful and joyful life.

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