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Barbara Panno

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Barbara Panno is a nationally certified massage and bodywork therapist with a successful private practice in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. A graduate of the Professional School of Massage and The Strengthening Health Institute, Barbara’s training and knowledge allow her to ideally tune in to her clients, and thus serve them from a complete holistic approach. Barbara is also an instructor in the art of Foot Reflexology and Traditional Thai Massage. Interning as a whole food/macrobiotic cook has also played a strong role. Sharing her knowledge has also come in the form of creating local events and directories to showcase the many offerings of the holistic community.

Workshops and Private Consultations for 2010 Cruise

Workshop 1: Thai Touch for Well-being
Come see why it is said that “Thai Massage is like 10,000 waves washing over the body.” In this workshop you will be shown how the therapist’s and the client’s bodies move in an effortless yoga-like dance. By using a wide variety of movements and gentle stretches that help to adjust the skeletal structure, increase flexibility, and relieve muscular and joint tension, the body naturally re-balances and re-aligns its energy systems on all levels, connecting body, mind and spirit. You will also learn to access relief points on yourself as well as techniques you can offer your loved ones.

Workshop 2: Foot Reflexology: A Touch of Sole - Part I
In this workshop you will begin to understand the correlation of the feet in relation to the body. By learning how to access reflex points on the feet, you will become aware of how you can assist your body in its natural healing process. So, come, give your feet a hand and help your troubled soles!

Workshop 3: Foot Reflexology: A Touch of Sole - Part II
Everyone loves to be given a foot massage, right?  Learn how to work the feet in relation to the body systems for family and loved ones.  Reflexology nurtures loving relationships. Touching another is a powerful element in human bonding.  When you touch someone with your hands, you are touching them with your heart as well, communicating love and compassion.

Traditional Thai Massage - $175/person.
Traditional Thai massage is like a dancing, passive yoga combined with acupressure, energy meridian work, and yoga-like stretching.  Thai massage is unique in that it uses a wide variety of movements and stretches that help adjust the body’s skeletal structure, increases flexibility, relieves muscular and joint tensions and balances the body’s energy systems, making for a very relaxing as well as energizing experience. Sessions are 1 hour and are performed on a futon mat with the client dressed in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.  “Traditional Thai Massage is like 10,000 waves washing over the body.” - Chonghol Settahorn, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Foot Reflexology Treatment - $150/person.
This traditional modality is a natural healing art, based on the principle that the feet are a mirrored image of our entire body. There are reflexes in the feet, which correspond to all areas of the body, including organs, joints, and glands.  By applying finger pressure to stimulate these reflex points in the feet, you increase nerve and blood supply, releasing stagnation, thus returning the body to its natural state of balance. Benefits include: relieves tension and stress, improves circulation, relieves pain, supports detoxification, renews vitality and integrates body, mind and spirit. It’s an ‘inside out’ massage!

Raindrop Therapy - $150/person.
This one-of-a-kind therapy has been found to be beneficial in restoring balance in life and good health by stimulating every organ, muscle and bone on a cellular level; boosting the immune system; balancing electrical frequencies; releasing dormant bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the spine; and unleashing emotions stuck in the physical body. A number of therapeutic grade pure essentials oils are used, dropped gently like raindrops along the spine and massaged into the body.  Wonderfully relaxing!

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