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Bridgette Kossor

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Bridgette Kossor is a professional singer, entertainer and passionate energy connector with over 30 years of experience in the music and entertainment industry. She is well known for her dynamic, energetic and soul-touching performances. This is her 9th year on the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise, bringing her love of people and music as a part of the holistic wellness experience.

Bridgette is also a recording artist, inspirational speaker, Reiki master, ordained interfaith minister, plant-based food teacher and an energy intuitive. She has studied with Denny Waxman (Strengthening Health Institute), Christina Pirello (Christina Pirello’s School of Natural Cooking and Integrative Health), Nancy Orlen Weber (LightWing Center), Betty Lue Lieber (Reunion Ministries) and many others in voice, body and spirit. She has recorded numerous CDs.

Performances for the 2018 Cruise

Party Concert: Welcome Party
Join Bridgette and your Holistic Holiday shipmates at this poolside social to celebrate through music. Sing along to favorite tunes, move your body and let all of your tension and tightness melt away in the presence of love and fun. Come mix, mingle and dance with like-minded cruisers while our popular Bridgette Kossor serenades us with favorites, old and new.

Pool Deck Party: C'mon, Get Happy!
Get ready for a ​ "feel good"​ music and dancing experience ​with classic hits,​ from the 70s on. ​​Join Bridgette on the pool deck in the fresh, sea air​, dancing to our favorite musical memories…​ Let's get this party started!

The “I Am Enough” Private Group Concert - $150 per person, 90 minutes
I Am Enough is an energizing, engaging concert experience based on Bridgette’s original music and book that will transform your inner connection with yourself. Through each song, we dive into how we really feel, remembering who we truly are, rising into our highest state of wholeness and wellness. Imagine a self-awareness “boot camp” (we have boot camps for exercise, cooking, losing weight - why not have one for our mind, heart & soul?) in the form of a concert where you get to experience what you are thinking and feeling about yourself and reveal the magnificence of who you truly are. This is a 90-minute intimate, private concert experience with Bridgette. Limited to 30 participants.

Find Bridgette's music, including our 10th Anniversary Song, by clicking on the button below.

Song Download

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