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Chandrakant Hiester

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Chandrakant Hiester is a senior teacher and seminar leader at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs, Florida. He prepares, presents and leads professional trainings both nationally and overseas in Amrit Yoga and Amrit Yoga Nidra, as well as a variety of other yoga and stress-reduction programs.

For the last eight years, Chandrakant has been instrumental in developing and presenting programs for the Amrit Yoga Institute. As a student and practitioner of yoga and meditation with Yogi Amrit Desai for thirty-eight years, his experience has given him a solid foundation for implementing programs that nurture and encourage positive changes in behavior, understanding and practice.

For over two decades, Chandrakant served in various capacities at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. Among them was his service as executive chef, supervising the preparation of tasty vegetarian meals for 500-700 guests daily. He also served as Yogi Desai's personal valet and chef for twelve years, where he learned authentic Indian cooking from Yogi Desai's beloved wife Mataji.

Chandrakant is a preacher's son, a Vietnam era veteran, a graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in psychology and a longtime practitioner of martial arts. He brings a unique blend of street-level experience, understanding and practical psychology to all his seminars and workshops, conducting programs for educational organizations, recovery groups, community service agencies, hospital staff and large corporations, as well as yoga and meditation groups.

Classes, Lectures and Workshops for the 2018 Cruise

Lecture: YOGA, the Experience of Indivisible Happiness
Yoga, very simply, means the experience of indivisible happiness. The key to this indivisible happiness, a sense of ease in all life’s situations, is not found in the flexibility of muscles and joints. The Integrated Amrit Method reveals how to dismantle physical, mental and emotional reactions on the yoga mat. This direct revelation can then be carried over into every expression of your life. Experience the indivisible evenness of mind that the Amrit Method offers and transform the quality of your entire life into a "meditation in motion."

Lecture: The Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra: Unleashing the Natural Intelligence of the Vital Life Force, Prana
Scientific data reveals that stress is at the core of most health issues. Regardless of the symptoms, the ultimate solution to all stress related disease is learning how to be relaxed on the physical, mental and emotional levels. A profound state of deep relaxation is effortlessly available to everyone through the Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra. This profound state of relaxation unleashes the natural intelligence of prana to dissolve and resolve physical, mental and emotional blocks held in subtle energy levels. Once freed these trapped energies carry out regenerative, self-healing processes through the wisdom of the body’s vital life force.

This deep state of relaxation also yields access to the domain of consciousness where you have the ability to shape and create the quality of life that you have always wanted using the creative powers of prana.

Lecture includes an introductory experience.

Class: Daily Morning Amrit Yoga Asana Sequence
The Amrit Yoga Asana Sequence is a powerful yoga practice that teaches the practitioner how to connect, step by step, with the original source and purpose of yoga - which is to use physical yoga postures as a vehicle for entering the timeless state of being. The practice combines dynamic postures that fully engage body and mind with deep, meditative stillness - bringing the active and receptive energies in the body into balance. In this class, we will experience the level I Amrit Sequence which is specifically designed to raise the energy level in the body, to develop one-pointedness, and begin the practice of entering the deepest states of meditation while in yoga practice.

Class: Amrit Method of Integrative Relaxation; Breaking the Momentum of Stress
Integrative Relaxation is a guided series of simple techniques that can be done lying on the floor or sitting comfortably in a chair. The combination of these simple techniques facilitates immediate easy access to a state of complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. This deep state of relaxation is the entry portal into the state of consciousness where the causes of stress, anxiety, tension and fear can be effortlessly dissolved and resolved. Session includes a 20 minute Integrative Relaxation experience.

Workshop: Experience the Timeless Dimension – the Stress Free Zone – Through the Integrated Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra - $75/person, 90 min.
You will be guided into the direct experience of energetic inner harmony, integration and balance. The experience of Yoga Nidra takes you effortlessly into the deep state of tranquility and stillness of slower alpha brain waves.
Yoga Nidra is the master key to:

  • Dissolving and resolving reactive dysfunctional behavior patterns
  • Creating, shaping and actualizing your deepest intentions
  • Freeing the trapped healing energy in your muscular and neuro-glandular systems

Yoga Nidra creates the necessary conditions for you to access the restorative, regenerative and healing processes of the innate intelligence of the vital life force, Prana. Experience the dimension of consciousness below the “ordinary mind” and unleash the intelligence of the vital life force effortlessly to:

  • Decrease high blood pressure
  • Accelerate healing and prevent premature aging
  • Strengthen your immune system
Bring a sense of ease and balance into your entire life’s expression with this profoundly simple technique.

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