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David J. Blyweiss, MD, IFMCP

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Dr. David J. Blyweiss began his medical career as a clinical pharmacist in South Florida prior to earning his medical degree. These dual backgrounds allow him to appreciate the relevance of conventional pharmaceutical and surgical-based treatments in acute medical conditions, but also recognize where they fall short in managing patients who suffer from the chronic degenerative diseases of a “Western civilization origin.” Dr. Blyweiss became an early adherent and experienced practitioner of what would become known as “functional medicine.” He has used this matrix of systems biology to effectively manage and alleviate the symptoms related to the most “difficult-to-treat” conditions by addressing the underlying causes, allowing the body to heal itself.  Dr. Blyweiss is the Medical Director for the Clinical Nutrition program at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and is currently in private practice with Maximum Wellness Centers in South Florida.

Lectures for the 2018 Cruise

Lecture: GMO Foods: What Are They and How They May Affect Your Health
GMOs are genetically modified organisms used in our food chain; they are not similar to past generational efforts to somehow improve the quality or quantity of our food. This is not selective or cross breeding plants between species. It is splicing a gene with a specifically desired trait from another organism (plant- or animal-based) into the food to be grown. While recombinant DNA technology (genetic modifications), has been vital in the production of acute lifesaving injectable medications, the increasing use and long-term ingestion of explicitly glyphosate resistant (GMO) crops leaves us open to potential future problems, some of which may be affecting us now.…the insects perish, the plants do not, we eat the plants.

Lecture: The Unspoken Epidemic of Western Civilization: Fatty Liver Disease
What in the world is fatty liver disease and why should I care? Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) occurs when more than 5% of the liver volume becomes fat. With no symptoms and encompassing a range of changes from reversible steatosis (fat infiltration of liver cells) to inflammatory hepatitis and ultimately, if left uncorrected, to scarring and cirrhosis, it is the unspoken epidemic of Western civilization. While diet and lifestyle contribute the majority of risk for NAFLD, environmental toxins and intestinal dysfunction must be recognized as additional correctible factors in the reversal of the disease and the most common reason for liver transplantation in the Western world.

Lecture: You Are What You Eat, Digest and Absorb: Latest Information on the Gut-Brain Axis
The gut and the brain are intimately involved in each other's function and health. The gut and brain communicate via several routes, including the vagus nerve, hormones, the autonomic nervous system, the immune system and cytokines. The microbiome is becoming more recognized as a key regulator of gut action - and therefore, by extension, the microbiome is important for brain health as well. Could probiotics be helpful for the brain? This presentation will discuss these subjects as well as specific probiotic applications, criteria for use and what to keep in mind when helping patients toward wellness.

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