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Denny Waxman

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Denny Waxman is a world-renown counselor, teacher, and author in the fields of health, natural healing and macrobiotics. In 1982, he gained international recognition for guiding Dr. Anthony Sattilaro, then President of Methodist Hospital in Philadelphia, to a complete recovery from terminal prostate cancer. This experience is documented in Dr. Sattilaro’s book, Recalled by Life. In his over thirty years of macrobiotic counseling, Denny has guided thousands of clients, with a wide-range of concerns, back to health. His varied accomplishments include founding Essene Natural Food Store, serving as Director of the Community Health Foundation and Kushi Institute in London and running the Mid-Atlantic Macrobiotic Summer Camps. In 1997, Denny founded The Strengthening Health Institute (SHI) for the purpose of formally teaching his unique approach to health and healing. In addition to his active health counseling practice in Philadelphia and New York, he is currently looking for funding to purchase a building in Philadelphia to establish a permanent location for SHI. His new book, The Great Life Diet, is now available.

Lectures, Workshops, and Consultations for the 2009 Cruise

Lecture 1: The Great Life Diet
This revolutionary approach to the macrobiotic diet and lifestyle will strengthen your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. In seven easily achievable steps, Denny weds a diet of whole grains, fruits and vegetables to a lifestyle that nourishes the mind and spirit and that constantly aims to strengthen health. This class will focus on how to add healthier foods and dietary and lifestyle practices into your life. These flexible principles have helped thousands of people with ailments ranging from the common cold to chronic fatigue, heart disease and cancer.

Lecture 2: A Good Night’s Sleep
Increasing numbers of people are having difficulty falling asleep or sleeping through the night. The ability to have deep and refreshing sleep is an important condition of good health. Why do we sleep and what actually happens during those resting hours? We will look at how your health regulates your sleep and dreams. You will learn how to adjust your diet and activity and arrange your bedroom to produce the best sleep.

Lecture 3: How to Create Healthy, Balanced Meals at Home or Away
You will learn the meaning of a complete meal and how to make the most healthy and balanced food choices whether you are home or away. Orderly meal planning maximizes nutrition and strengthens digestion. We will also look at how to maximize nutrition from a plant-based diet and the sources of all major nutrients. Discussion on any possible concerns or deficiencies from a purely plant-based diet will be included.

Lecture 4: Acid and Alkaline Balance
The acidity or alkalinity of our bodies profoundly affects our well-being, predisposing us to glowing health or, with only a slight shift in the balance, leaving us vulnerable to a host of physical, emotional, and mental ills. In this class Denny will demystify the concept of acid & alkaline in clear and simple terms. You will learn how to create an optimal alkaline condition through diet, eating habits, cooking methods, activity and proper environment.

Workshop: Understanding Relationships, Emotions, and Sex Through Your Hands
Palmistry or Hand Reading is a comprehensive form of Oriental Diagnosis. Your hands show all aspects of your health, constitution, emotions, mentality and tendencies. In this class we will concentrate on one area of palmistry. You will gain insight into your basic nature and overall approach to life through interpreting the size and shape of your hands and fingers and understanding the meaning of the main palm lines. You will see how you and those close to you relate to and approach relationships, emotions and sex.

Group Diagnosis - $150/person.
Learn the ancient technique of visual diagnosis from senior macrobiotic counselor Denny Waxman. This is a dynamic workshop on how to tell your condition and what you can do about it. Bring your questions and hear from one of the country’s top teachers on the art of Oriental Diagnosis. Denny will give you practical information so you can understand your physical constitution, tendencies and potential disorders, including major illnesses and how to change through dietary practice and other lifestyle changes. No questions left unanswered! Limited space, please reserve early.

Macrobiotic Counseling - $400/person.
Macrobiotic counseling is a one-hour personal meeting with Denny. During the consultation your health condition will be assessed using Oriental Diagnosis by looking at your face, hands and feet, then making specific dietary and lifestyle recommendations that include daily remedies and health practices. You will receive his detailed counseling booklet with recipes.

Books by Denny Waxman

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