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Dirk Benedict

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Dirk Benedict is a native of Montana. He has had an extensive career as an actor, performing in repertory theaters throughout the country, starring on Broadway (Butterflies Are Free), Off Broadway (Hamlet), and in numerous films and several television series, including Battlestar Galactica and The A Team. He starred in Alaska, with Charlton Heston, and most recently in the German film Golden Times, written and directed by Peter Thorwarth. Benedict made his directing debut with his original screenplay CAHOOTS, starring Keith Carradine.

He is the author of Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy. This best-selling autobiography is the insightful, humorous story of how he cured himself of prostate cancer (and other sins against the Universe) and his long journey from the hayfields of Montana to the hype of Hollywood. His second book, And Then We Went Fishing, is the true story of becoming and losing a father and has received rave reviews. Dirk lives in his native Montana with his two sons, George William and Roland Walker.

Lectures and Cooking Class for the 2009 Cruise

Keynote Lecture: Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy (A Brown Rice Memoir)
Dirk Benedict shares his life story. How he came to have celebrity and lose it, too. No mean feat in a time when "celebrity" is no longer a state of being, but a disease. He will share his journey from the hayfields of Montana to the sound stages of Hollywood. How he survived patricide, cancer, divorce and even show business and lived to laugh at it.

Lecture 2: Wizard in the Woods
For the past 15 years Dirk Benedict has been living in his Montana cabin involved in the experience of raising his two sons. It has given him time to do what he enjoys doing most.think. A man who lives his life entirely by his own judgment, ignoring at all costs, the advice of the "experts"..his thoughts and opinions are his own. A world-renown actor, author, auteur and award-winning Dad.he has opinions to share and stories to tell.

Cooking Class : "Cooking For Health is No Joke?"
Whoever said cooking for health has to be serious, was never in the kitchen with Dirk and Christina Pirello. Whether you're sick, healthy or something in between, this class is for you. You will not only benefit from their decades of experience in the kitchen, you will learn to laugh, guffaw and giggle while you puree, stir-fry, and steam...and also possibly discover that to have joy in cooking is to have joy in life. If you don't laugh....it won't be because they didn't fry!

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by Mr. Benedict are, as he freely admits, entirely his own and do not reflect those held by the organizers and promoters of Holistic Holiday at Sea. If you attend his seminars, you are on your own).

Books by Dirk Benedict

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