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Chef Eric Lechasseur

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Chef Eric Lechasseur trained as a classical French chef in Canada, France and Japan and then was the Executive Chef at various resorts around the world. In 1993, Eric began his vegan macrobiotic journey to help his wife, Sanae, recover from ovarian cancer. He soon discovered that vegan macrobiotics was effective for treating his own very serious allergies. Hence, Eric's interest in vegan macrobiotic cuisine developed and when combined with his classical French training, his creations of exquisite vegan macrobiotic cuisine were born. Soon after, his reputation caught on and he became a sought after celebrity chef extraordinaire. Some celebrities Eric has cooked for include: Oprah, Madonna, Tobey Maguire, Jim Carey, Leonardo DiCaprio and Sting.

Eric is the author of love, eric, a cookbook of gourmet vegan macrobiotic pastries. In collaboration with his wife, Sanae, they published love, eric & sanae, featuring extraordinary seasonal vegan macrobiotic cuisine. Eric and Sanae have an organic vegan macrobiotic restaurant, Seed Kitchen, in Venice, California

Lectures and Cooking Classes for the 2015 Cruise

Cooking Class: Sinful Desserts Part 1: Puddings and Custards
In this sinful dessert class, Chef Eric will share a few of his secret recipes, which have won over the hearts of many of Eric's celebrity clients in Hollywood. The recipes Eric has selected for this class are also on the menu at Seed Kitchen, his fabulous organic, vegan, macrobiotic restaurant in Venice, California. They are perfect when the weather is warm because no oven is required in order to prepare these delicious and creamy treats. Additionally, these puddings and custards are gluten-free. You will be amazed how simple, fresh ingredients can be used in the preparation of such sweet and satisfying delights that you will surely love.

Cooking Class: Sinful Desserts Part 2: Cookies and Cakes
In this sinful dessert class, Chef Eric will share his love for baking, which originally emanated from his desire to satisfy his wife, Sanae's craving for sugar during her recovery and eventual healing from cancer. All we need is love... just like the song. Learn lovely recipes for preparing unforgettable vegan macrobiotic cookies and cakes using readily available ingredients. By learning how to prepare these delicious recipes, you too, can bestow your love upon others with these delectable desserts. Additionally, learn how using nuts and fruits in creative ways always make great treats. This class is appropriate for levels of baking experience.

Cooking Class: It’s All About the Sauce
Did you know that the secret of amazing food lies within the sauce? In this class, Chef Eric will share some of his classical French sauce making techniques using the principles of vegan macrobiotics. With a repertoire of sauces, it is possible to transform ordinary food to extraordinary cuisine. These sauces can be used to liven up vegetables, grains, or plant-based proteins. This class will teach how the knowledge of basic sauces can significantly improve one's style of cooking and provide complexity to the taste of eating healthy plant-based foods.

Cooking Boot Camp: Hollywood Celebrities’ Favorite Menu - $150/person, 2 hours 45 min.
Many people want to know what celebrities eat - here’s your chance! Chef Eric has cooked for celebrities such as Oprah, Madonna, Tobey Maguire, Jim Carey, Leonardo DiCaprio and Sting. In this class, he will unveil his step-by-step process for cooking a healthy and flavorful meal Hollywood style, with all the taste that a discriminating celebrity would expect. Using the freshest plant-based ingredients coupled to some easy to learn techniques, Chef Eric will reveal the mystery in creating fabulous meals.

As always, these recipes will embrace the fundamental elements of plant-based nutrition using beans, greens & grains. Additionally, he will include some little treats to complete a perfect meal.

Click here to purchase a consultation from Chef Eric Lechasseur.

Books by Chef Eric Lechasseur

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