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Ilana Newman, M.D.

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Dr. Ilana Newman attended medical school at the University of Arizona, followed by residency in family medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York and a fellowship in adolescent medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. While in residency, she became frustrated with the limited treatment options she had for patients with back pain, so she started studying acupuncture at the program for physicians at UCLA. She also completed the NADA program’s ear acupuncture training at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx. While in New York, Dr. Newman also worked as a medical news reporter on the Oxygen Network and daily video online medical news reports.

After moving to South Florida, Dr. Newman took the basic and advanced acupuncture courses for physicians at the University of Miami. Several years later, she completed a fellowship in hospice and palliative medicine at the University of Miami. Today, she does inpatient palliative medicine consultations at the Memorial Hospital System in Broward and teaches workshops on Korean Hand Therapy for self-treatment for pain.

Workshops for the 2018 Cruise

Workshop Series: Rapid and Dramatic Pain Relief with Korean Hand Therapy Self Treatment
This two-part workshop will teach Correspondence Therapy, the most basic form of Korean Hand Therapy, which utilizes the map of the body on the hands. With this easy to learn system, needles are not used. Pain anywhere on the body can be reduced by applying pressure to precise points on the hand. Headaches, back and neck pain, and joint pain will be highlighted.

Workshop: Rapid and Dramatic Pain Relief with Korean Hand Therapy Self Treatment, Part 1
Part 1 will introduce this technique and review some of the research that has been done with Korean Hand Therapy. We will focus on learning the landmarks of the map of the body on the hands and how to find and stimulate the points.

Workshop: Rapid and Dramatic Pain Relief with Korean Hand Therapy Self Treatment, Part 2
Part 2 will cover strategies for treating different types of pain, and we will draw our own maps from Part 1. Attendees can volunteer so everyone can practice finding the hand locations before Dr. Newman demonstrates searching for and stimulating the treatment points.

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