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Jacob Liberman, O.D., Ph.D.

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Dr. Jacob Liberman is a pioneer in the fields of light, vision, and consciousness, and author of Light: Medicine of the Future, Take Off Your Glasses and See, and Wisdom from an Empty Mind. He earned a Doctorate of Optometry in 1973, Ph.D. in Vision Science in 1986 and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science in 1996. Dr. Liberman is the inventor of several light therapy devices and the only FDA-cleared medical device that significantly improves overall visual performance. He is the founder of Exercise Your Eyes, Inc. and EYELIGHT, and president of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine.

Lectures for the 2014 Cruise

Keynote Lecture: The Eyes Are the Windows of the Soul
Most people know that light interacts with the eyes, resulting in vision, but few are aware that light entering the eyes also directs our physiology so that each cell orchestrates its internal function and synchronizes itself with Mother Nature. The eyes are truly the windows of the soul, mediating the profound effect of light on our physical health, emotional wellbeing and ability to see, learn and perform at our maximum potential. For the past 40 years I have utilized light therapy and vision training with thousands of individuals. Because our eyes guide every step we take, changing our vision can change our lives.

Lecture: The Healing Power of Color
Experience the power of color and learn how it can transform our lives. Our response to color is as unique as our fingerprint. Colors we like are related to aspects of life we feel most comfortable with. Colors we dislike are related to experiences we are not yet able to embrace—aspects of life we have kept in the dark. As we become comfortable with colors we once disliked, awareness expands, health improves and we gradually disconnect from emotional issues that trigger stress in our lives. As we embrace the full spectrum of LIGHT, we embrace the full spectrum of LIFE.

Lecture: Training Exercises to Improve Vision
Thirty-eight years ago, after years of wearing glasses, my vision cleared—instantaneously changing my life. I discovered that vision is not the same as eyesight, and that vision training can allow us to see in a whole new way. Inefficient vision results in inefficient attention, reading and learning. Keeping your eye on the ball can make the difference between an average performance and an exceptional one. Whether you wear glasses or not, training your eyes can give you the winning edge in all aspects of your life. Discover your visual potential. Exercise your eyes and see.

Books by Dr. Jacob Liberman

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