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Jane Quincannon Stanchich

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Jane Stanchich is a Licensed Nutritionist and well-known teacher and counselor of the ecological, plant-based vegan macrobiotic diet and cooking techniques with over 36 years of experience. Ms. Stanchich successfully reversed her osteoarthritis through dietary therapy. She has served on the faculty of the Kushi Institute and is an international teacher of plant-based, vegan health principles. She is a certified yoga instructor and proponent of active exercise and dance. Along with her husband, Lino, she teaches at schools, health centers, universities and corporations in her hometown of Asheville, N.C., and throughout the US and Europe. Ms. Stanchich has been a regularly featured writer in the magazine Christina Cooks! and a contributor to many others. She has consulted with the Ritz-Carlton Hotel’s Macrobiotic Program and the Kellogg School of Public Health at Northwestern University. Jane recently produced two DVD’s: Cooking Terrific Tofu Turkey and Macrobiotic Cooking 101, which are available at www.greatlifeglobal.com. She is author of the popular Healthy Holiday Cookbook and Laughter Therapy; all will be available in the Holistic Holiday onboard bookstore.

Classes and Private Consultations for the 2018 Cruise

Lecture: What Is Eating YOU? Overcoming Emotional Eating
Each of us is a precious soul who deserves vibrant health, joy and success. Traumatic memories and negative emotions deeply affect what and how we eat, influencing our entire lives! Join Jane Stanchich, Licensed Nutritionist, and explore your beliefs around eating in this dynamic, supportive and interactive workshop. Gain solid awareness and control over vital lifestyle habits around food, nutrition, mealtimes, cravings and balance. In this unique class, learn, with practical and inspiring illustrations and techniques, how you can powerfully understand, transform and elevate your life's vision, recovery, actions and total wellness… one bite at a time.

Recovery Panel: Health Survivors Share Their Stories, moderated by Jane Stanchich
Come prepared to be enlightened and inspired by these incredible stories of healing using alternative healing practices. Listen to these courageous people tell their personal stories about their life-saving experiences.

Nutritional Macrobiotic Consultation for Women - $250/person, 90 min., follow-up: $150/person, 60 min.
Jane offers a comprehensive private macrobiotic dietary and lifestyle consultations for women. Discover your own unique energy and metabolic body type to understand your past health concerns, whether of body, mind or spirit. Based on traditional healing methods blended with modern scientific modalities, the session includes a thorough discussion of your health history, goals and needs. Using macrobiotic principles and recommending the highest quality whole foods, Jane will design your personal dietary plan. A thorough, healing, and balanced exercise program will be recommended as well. You will also receive easy-to-follow suggestions to organize your life to include the planning, schedule, and commitment needed to create a healthy lifestyle. Your health is your greatest wealth, an invaluable asset to be created, nurtured and maintained.

Body-Mind-Spirit Counseling − Discovering Your Unique Life Path for Greater Health, Joy and Fulfillment - $250/person, 90 min.
Follow-up: $150/person, 60 min.
"Where do I go next on my path in life?" This is a question we ask as we seek a vital new direction in our lives. Maybe we are going into a new phase of life, strong in one area, but lost in another crucial aspect of living. Perhaps we struggle with a health issue, a relationship challenge or a job and/or financial hurdle. Or are you simply ready for more happiness, security and vitality in your life?! In this deeply meaningful, transformative private session, Jane will listen to you intently and gently help you get to the heart of your life issues and blocks to your total well-being. She will guide you as you visualize your most positive path in life. You will clarify your personal goals and receive a written plan for healthier daily practices that powerfully strengthen and support you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Sit down with Jane as she coaches you, through transformative spiritual guidance, essential nutritional support, lifestyle counseling, and inner meditation. Leave this cruise knowing how you can begin a path to your deep inner voice, healing emotional wounds, creating positivity and wellness, and most of all...Realizing greater self-love. Included is a supportive and comprehensive one-hour follow-up coaching session when you return home.

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