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Jessica Porter

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Jessica Porter is the author of The MILF Diet and The Hip Chick's Guide to Macrobiotics. She also collaborated with Alicia Silverstone on the New York Times number one bestseller, The Kind Diet. Jessica has been practicing macrobiotics since 1991, managed the Way to Health Program at the Kushi Institute in the mid-nineties, and has worked as a traveling macrobiotic cook. She is also a hypnotherapist and has created two hypnosis CDs for people practicing macrobiotics and one called HypnoParenting for the HypnoBirthing Institute. Jessica is a trained actress and comedienne who makes her lectures funny, inspiring and informative.

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Lecture: One Simple Act That Will Change Your Whole Life (Chewing)
Did you know that you can increase your energy without special foods, pills or rigorous exercise? Or that you can alkalize your food – and your whole body – by yourself? Do you know how to make your mind still, without meditating? Did you realize that you can improve the health of your teeth without a dentist? You are designed to do these things, and many more, by activating one simple gesture. Come to this lecture to find out the secret you’ve been hiding from yourself.

Lecture: Men and Women: Why We Drive Each Other Crazy
Men and women are different - we know that... but how different? What can we learn from recent scientific studies ongender? Come to this fascinating class to learn more about yourself, your mate and the world at large. Citing studies compiled by Drs. Louanne Brizendine and Leonard Saxe, Jessica will help you to look down the microscope right into our brains! As a stand-up comedienne and experienced teacher, Jessica makes information digestible, memorable and fun. Don't miss it.

Cooking Class: The Plant-Based Dinner Party
It's one thing to switch yourself to a whole foods, plant-based diet, another to get the family on board, but how about your friends? Sometimes the trickiest transition is our social lives, which can revolve around eating and drinking. Come to this cooking class to taste delicious food and hear hard-earned tips about throwing plant-based dinner parties and socializing in the healthiest ways possible. Remember: Don't try to convert anyone... Let the chocolate rice crispy treat do the talking! Jessica has been a teacher and chef since 1991. She is also a standup comic. Don't miss this class.

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