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Les Bolland

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A native of Liverpool, England, Les Bolland resides in Sarasota, Florida. With 30 years of experience teaching Swingolf, macrobiotics, barefoot shiatsu and yoga, he invites you to experience your body and to connect and flow. Les is an annual presenter at the Kripalu Center. He is a Fellow of the British P.G.A., a member of the British Wheel of Yoga and a qualified barefoot shiatsu practitioner. He is the author of two books in German and one in English.

Classes and Private Consultations for the 2017 Cruise

Class: Swingolf
Swingolf is a unique, simple and healthy approach to golf coaching incorporating the fundamental principles of yoga, meditation and shiatsu massage. Lessons and programs are an enjoyable and relaxing way to learn golf or improve one's game. Participants start having fun the first time they swing the club. There is no technique to learn.

Consultation: Private Swingolf - $175/person, 75 min.
In this 60 minute private session you will receive personalized instruction in Swingolf, the unique approach to the game of golf. Improve your golf game in an enjoyable and relaxing way. Swingolf incorporates the fundamental principles of yoga, meditation and shiatsu massage.

Consultation: Shiatsu Massage - $175/person, 75 min.
Shiatsu is an ancient and focused body treatment using hands, arms and feet. It is highly effective in promoting deep relaxation, well-being and vitality. This massage is practiced with the participant fully clothed, and is suitable for people of all ages and varying states of health. This is not comparable to Swedish massage. Please wear comfortable, light clothing to your appointment.

Books by Les Bolland

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