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Lino Stanchich

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Lino Stanchich is a Licensed Nutritionist and Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist with over 48 years of experience. A highly respected senior teacher of the plant-based, ecological macrobiotic diet, philosophy and holistic lifestyle, he teaches and counsels internationally. Lino also teaches shiatsu massage, Do-In self-massage, and laughter therapy. Mr. Stanchich, of Italian-Croatian heritage, served on the faculty of the renowned Kushi Institute and on the Kushi Institute Macrobiotic Educators Association.

Lino has appeared on numerous television and radio shows and lectured throughout the USA, Canada and Europe, as well as at universities, corporations and the United Nations Macrobiotic Organization. Author of the popular books, Power Eating Program, Essential Recipes, and Kidney Health, he is also creator of “Healing Mealtime Music,” “Energize Yourself,” “Laugh for the Health of It” and more on www.greatlifeglobal.com. Lino lives with his wife, Jane, in Asheville, NC, where they counsel and conduct dynamic natural health programs.

Lectures, Classes and Private Consultations for the 2018 Cruise

Lecture: Laugh for the Health of It
Laughter is called "the best medicine," and that's no joke! Scientific studies prove laughter relieves stress, improves circulation and increases endorphins and T-Cells, thus strengthening the immune system to prevent and heal diseases of body and mind. Nutritionist Lino Stanchich illustrates the latest statistics on laughter for health and teaches which foods either enhance or reduce a jovial mood. Learn how to consciously practice healing laughter throughout the day, whether something is funny or not! Practice healing laughter techniques for home, car and office. Arrive ready to learn and experience the true pleasure of a great belly laugh with this laughter aficionado.

Class: Do-In – Self-Massage Therapy
Wake up your vitality, circulation and well-being the fun way! Energize and tonify your entire body with Do-In self-massage, a whole body workout based on powerful Oriental healing techniques. In this dynamic class led by Lino Stanchich, an authority in macrobiotic theory, diet and exercise, you will learn how to massage yourself to greater health each day or anytime you want to look, feel and heal better. Do easy, energizing warm-up exercises, based on Chi Kung, to enhance any exercise routine or to jump-start your day. Then, Lino will lead the class as you massage yourself from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, following energy power pathways called meridians. You will learn how body organ meridians flow in your body! Included in this unique class will be effective hands and feet reflexology as well as dynamic group massage. Need to be kneaded? Lino always closes with a powerful and revitalizing laughing session. These effective techniques are proven to increase vitality and healing. Lino's informative teaching and warm, friendly style give you the perfect way to greater health! Just 'Do' it!

Macrobiotic Consultation - $350/person, 75 min., follow-up: $250/person, 45 min., $450/couple, 90 min., additional Family Member: $100/person, 2 hrs.

Lino Stanchich, in his dynamic, private macrobiotic dietary and lifestyle counseling session provides the following:
  • A detailed dietary food chart and Macrobiotic Beginner's Manual with valuable information, Daily Diary, and Energy Chart
  • Expert exercise and energy advice to enhance fitness and vitality
  • Personal support and coaching to inspire and motivate
  • Follow-up availability for continued lifelong wellness

Energy Shiatsu Massage - $150/person, 45 min.
Lino Stanchich, licensed bodywork and massage therapist and international macrobiotic educator, offers shiatsu energy massage. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to receive a healing massage from Lino, renowned expert in the field of natural health. Lino's shiatsu energy massage is a powerful and effective full body massage that utilizes the healing benefits of shiatsu, ancient Asian acupressure that stimulates and tonifies specific "trigger" points in the body. Shiatsu energy massage releases and moves stagnation and toxic blockages in our meridians, the lines of energy that flow from our internal organs throughout our entire body. Shiatsu energy massage, which increases balance and movement of this vital life force, is proven to be highly energizing and healing. In addition, Lino includes muscle massage and body stretching techniques in his treatment. Lino harmonizes with each client through deep breathing, intuition and care. A well-respected, energetic and expert therapist, Lino has over 40 years of experience and education in massage, as well as many other powerful energy therapies.

Books by Lino Stanchich

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