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Marilu Henner

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With the energy of a teenager and the wisdom of a sage, Marilu Henner is today's best example of a woman who does it all! She is an actress, author, motivational speaker, health guru, talk show host, producer, entrepreneur, director, dancer, singer, comedienne, model, and, most important, wife and mom!

Marilu's Amazing Memory

Marilu recently appeared on the TV program 60 Minutes after rigorous testing showed that she is one of the handful of people to have "superior autobiographical memory." She can remember almost every day of her life as vividly and accurately as if it was yesterday.

A 5-time Golden Globe nominee, Marilu has starred in over thirty films and television movies and mini-series and a total of nine seasons on two highly successful Emmy award-winning classic TV sitcoms, Taxi and Evening Shade. Throughout her career, she has worked with several legendary directors and has played opposite Hollywood's biggest co-stars.

Marilu is a four-time New York Times bestselling author and has changed millions of lives from the eight books she has written on health, fitness, lifestyle and kids, beginning with Marilu Henner's Total Health Makeover and most recently with Wear Your Life Well: Use What You Have To Get What You Want!

Henner has hosted and produced her own talk shows three different times: first titled Marilu, later on FitTV's Shape Up Your Life, and presently she is hosting new a TV show designed to teach and inspire positive lifestyle choices called The Art of Living with Marilu Henner. For the last nine years, Marilu has been sharing her empowering information with thousands everyday on her website Marilu.com, where she teaches live classes daily.

Marilu lectures frequently throughout the country as a keynote speaker and motivator for universities, interest groups, and corporations on topics ranging from diet and fitness, women's issues, and child psychology to lifestyle, entertainment, and business organization strategies, and she has spoken before the United States Congress in Washington on several occasions as an expert on dietary guidelines and even helped shape our Government's food pyramid.

Recently featured on 60 Minutes for her unusual autobiographical memory, Marilu's new book on the subject, An Unforgettable Life – Yours! hits the bookstores this spring. Marilu also recently appeared as a competitor on Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice. She hosted America's Ballroom Challenge on PBS, and guest-starred in the big series finale of ER!

Of all of her achievements, however, Marilu is most proud of her success as the mother of two teenaged boys, Nick and Joey, and her loving relationship with her husband, Michael Brown, whom she helped cure of two cancers.

There's no denying Marilu's wit, wisdom, and infectious energy - which she firmly attributes to her healthy diet and lifestyle. She truly practices what she preaches!

Lectures and Workshops for the 2011 Cruise

Keynote Lecture: An Unforgettable Life...Yours!
What you may not know about actress and New York Times bestselling author Marilu Henner is that she has an incredible autobiographical memory. She believes that every decision you make is based on the information you’ve gathered from the past. Being able to tap into your own memory and analyze your history can keep you from making the same mistakes over and over again. This class will teach you how to take charge of these memories and use them to your advantage. She will speak on a lifetime of remembering and her last few exciting years of study. Prepare to open your mind!

Lectures 1 & 2: The Role of Your Life (Parts I and II)
Take the person you would most like to be—your idealized self—and approach becoming this person as if it were a character in a script, and you were the actor cast in the part. To find this healthy, fit you, we’re going to take an actor’s approach. Not an actor? We’re all actors! Acting is the ultimate art of transformation, and the process of that transformation comes from searching, observing, analyzing, discovering, and building a “character” from within. Many things we do are mechanical. And we can’t truly make any lasting positive changes until we get in touch with those knee-jerk mechanical responses that are sabotaging our conscious efforts. Come to this class with a willing spirit and an opened mind. In other words...come to play! The classes will build on each other, but each can be taken separately.

Books by Marilu Henner

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