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Melissa Karpel

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Melissa Karpel works for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the largest animal rights organization in the world. She adopted a cruelty-free, vegan lifestyle 12 years ago following an experience working with chimpanzees who had been rescued from laboratories. Her first role with the organization was as a campaigner, hosting demonstrations around the world and speaking to the media about the cruelty inherent in using animals for food, clothing, experimentation and entertainment. Originally from Los Angeles, she currently lives in rural Wisconsin with her fiancé, whom she met on a Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise in 2010. They share their home with a dog, six cats and plenty of wildlife on 40 acres. She enjoys cooking with fresh food from their home garden and representing a healthy vegan lifestyle in her small, animal agriculture–heavy town.

Classes for the 2018 Cruise

Panel Discussion: Growing the Vegan and Plant-Based Community with Melissa Karpel, Gene Baur, Robert Cheeke and James Aspey
This panel will explore how various organizations and thought leaders are spreading the word about veganism, plant-based diets and the associated lifestyles. Panelists will discuss how activism, community organizing, events, and online and social media have been used to grow the vegan and plant-based community over the last decade. The discussion will explore ways that larger organizations are building communities as well as suggestions and ideas for the audience to get involved in the movement to influence their family, friends and local community to embrace veganism and plant-based diets. We will also discuss the challenges that can come from promoting diets and lifestyles that push back against the mainstream American diet and lifestyle.

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