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Michio Kushi

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Michio Kushi, founder of the Kushi Institute, is the world’s leading authority on macrobiotics. Acknowledged by the United Nations, the Japanese Diet, the United States Congress and the Smithsonian Institution at Washington, D.C., for his accomplishments in pioneering alternative medicine and the natural and organic foods movement, Michio and his deceased wife Aveline’s macrobiotic teachings have influenced millions of individuals worldwide in regaining their health and understanding the profound relationship between food and lifestyle for health and healing.

Author of several bestselling books, including The Macrobiotic Way and The Cancer Prevention Diet, Kushi is internationally known for his focus on creating health and peace through balanced eating and living. Mr. Kushi has authored over 100 books and booklets on the topics of food, health and world peace.

He is considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on preventing and treating serious illness with diet and other lifestyle recommendations. Currently Michio and his wife Midori are very active in advocating for world health and peace.

Lectures for the 2013 Cruise

Keynote: The Spiral of Life
Within the infinite ocean of the universe, a spiral of life has arisen, culminating in human beings. This class will explore the origin and development of the cosmos, humanity’s biological and spiritual evolution, and the seven levels of consciousness that unfold naturally as we return to God or One Infinity.

Lecture 1: Food and Spiritual Development
Food creates body, mind, and spirit. Eating is the transformation of consciousness from the mineral, vegetal, and animal worlds to that of human beings. The secret for realizing health and happiness, freedom and wisdom, is in front of us, day by day, in every dish we consume. How to choose food, how to prepare meals, and how to absorb and harmonize with our natural environment through food are keys to humanity’s personal and spiritual development.

Lecture 2: One Peaceful World
Modern humanity is facing a biological and spiritual crisis. The most critical problem confronting us today is not geopolitical, economic, religious, or ideological. It is the question of whether we can continue to survive and develop on this beautiful planet and maintain our human quality in the face of overwhelming health and environmental challenges. This lecture will explore how the natural, organic foods movement, complementary and alternative medicine, the peaceful transmutation of elements, and the development of a planetary commonwealth will peacefully unify the world and lead to the transition from homo sapiens to homo pacificus and homo spiritus.

Private Health Counseling - $800/person.
Personal advice to individuals or families, including lifestyle and dietary recommendations for specific physical and mental concerns. The sessions last approximately one hour.

Group Health Counseling with Diagnosis and Mutual Study - $250/person.
Mr. Kushi will provide general advice for everyone in the group, as well as specific advice and guidance for improving personal physical and mental health. This is a unique opportunity to learn about yourself and others.

Books by Michio Kushi

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