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Ohashi is an internationally renowned teacher, author, and healer. In 1974 he founded the Ohashi Institute, a non-profit educational organization that serves some 2,000 students annually in more than 30 locations in the U.S. and Europe. He has authored seven books, including the best seller Reading the Body: Oriental Diagnosis, which has been translated into eight languages; and has produced nine popular dvds on his method of practice, Ohashiatsu®. Developed by Ohashi after years of practicing, teaching, and observing human nature, Ohashiatsu is a method of healing touch that utilizes Ki energy to rejuvenate the receiver and the giver.

Ohashi has lectured at chiropractic schools, Harvard University, Rockefeller University and centers for Eastern studies, including Esalen and Omega Institutes. Over the years his private practice has included such notables as Henry Kissinger, Liza Minelli, Martha Graham, Ani de Franco, Dennis Kucinich, and Seiji Osawa.

Workshops and Private Consultations for the 2010 Cruise

Worshop: 1 Ohashi Techniques Anyone Can Do
This workshop will focus on the head, neck, shoulders and arms. You will learn the acupressure points and stretches that reduce stress, relieve pain, and energize. All work will be done while the receiver is in sit-up position, which is ideal when you want to give a special gift of touch to family and friends.

Workshop: 2 Joy Of Ohashiatsu® - Self Development through Positive Touch
Taught by Wilbur May, Certified Ohashiatsu® Instructor and former Health Director at Hippocrates Institute, Palm Springs, Florida.

Ohashiatsu is a method of touch based on Eastern healing philosophies and techniques. It is a healing modality but it is equally useful as a human development modality. By offering a positive worldview and simple, practical techniques for achieving well-being, Ohashiatsu offers comfortable healing and peaceful harmony. Wear cotton clothing that covers the body. Leotards are also good.

Workshop: 3 Ohashiatsu® For Cancer Recovery
Ohashi has been treating hundreds of clients over the last 35 years, many of them recovering from cancer. What is needed is compassionate and caring touch to help friends and loved ones. Ohashi will demonstrate and teach you his techniques for helping others to cope with a difficult physical and mental period.

Ohashiatsu Treatment. 30 minutes - $175/person.
Participants on this cruise will have the unique opportunity to receive a session with Ohashi, who has 35 years experience and a six-month waiting list for clients. While lying on a mat wearing comfortable clothing, you will receive a hands-on treatment. Ohashiatsu works on the energetic level, enhancing psychological harmony as well as offering physical comfort. You will experience a deep sense of relaxation and a more complete connection of body, mind and spirit.

Books by Ohashi

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