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Ora Prilleltensky, Ph.D.

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Dr. Ora Prilleltensky obtained her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. She is the former director of the major in Human and Social Development at the University of Miami and has taught various graduate and undergraduate courses. Ora has worked in a variety of clinical settings, including a child guidance clinic, a university counseling center and a rehabilitation hospital. Her research interests include disability studies and the promotion of well-being. She is the author of Motherhood and Disability: Children and Choices (Palgrave, 2004) and the co-author of Promoting Well-being: Linking Personal, Organizational and Community Change (2006, John Wiley & Sons). She is co-author of the forthcoming book The Laughing Guide to Change with Isaac Prilleltensky, Ph.D. Ora is part of a research team developing online assessments and interventions to promote health and well-being (learn more at www.funforwellness.com). She currently serves on Miami-Dade County’s Commission on Disability Issues. Drs. Ora and Isaac Prilleltensky are co-authoring the forthcoming book, The Laughing Guide to Change: Using Humor and Science to Improve Your Life.

Workshops for the 2017 Cruise

Workshop: The What and How of Well-Being: A User’s Guide
This workshop will review the impact of interpersonal, community, occupational, physical, psychological, and economic (I COPPE) well-being on the overall quality of life of patients and community members alike. Participants will be taught how to use the I COPPE scale, a brief validated instrument to assess overall and I COPPE well-being. The second half of the workshop will introduce strategies dealing with behaviors, emotions, thoughts, interactions, context, awareness and next steps (BET I CAN), designed to promote individual change for health and wellness. To help participants implement the strategies for change, presenters will introduce Fun for Wellness, which is a research-based online platform built around I COPPE domains of life and BET I CAN strategies of change. Presenters will share results from a randomized controlled trial using the platform with an adult population sample.

Books by Ora Prilleltensky, PhD

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