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Sanae Suzuki

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Sanae Suzuki was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and later sustained a nearly fatal car accident. This profound experience inspired her to learn about macrobiotics as a path to healing. She progressed from student to teacher and graduated from the Kushi Institute completing their highest certification: Level 4 - Advanced Certification. Sanae has become a distinguished macrobiotic counselor, a Bach Foundation registered practitioner of flower essences, an author, and an international culinary instructor of macrobiotics. She has taught extensively throughout the USA, Japan, Caribbean, Europe and is a returning instructor at the Holistic Holiday at Sea.

Sanae published her first vegan macrobiotic cookbook, love, eric and sanae with her husband and celebrity chef, Eric Lechasseur. Sanae’s second cookbook, love sanae, features more than 120 healing vegan macrobiotic recipes. Sanae is completing her third book, Happy Pooch: A Holistic Culinary Approach to Canine Cuisine. Sanae and Eric have an organic vegan macrobiotic restaurant, Seed Kitchen, in Venice, California.

Sanae’s macrobiotic counseling has expanded to include our beloved canines. She integrates specific recommendations for nutrition, flower essences for emotional health, stress reduction, improved quality of life and achieving inner peace into her macrobiotic practice for people and their dogs.

Lectures, Cooking Classes and Consultations for the 2015 Cruise

Lecture: Happy Pooch Vegan and Macrobiotic Meals and Treats for Your Canine Companions
In this class, Sanae will share her recipes, wisdom and experience to improve and transform your canine companion’s life using the holistic principles of macrobiotics. Sanae has used a holistic approach to successfully raise and care for her canine family during the past 20 years, by preparing homemade food using macrobiotic plant-based ingredients. (This can be optionally blended with meat, poultry or fish during the transition period). Her new book Happy Pooch: A Holistic Culinary Approach to Canine Cuisine describes the adventures of cooking and caring for her six golden retrievers. Sanae provides macrobiotic counseling to help our precious canine companions overcome their health conditions.

Cooking Class: Detox Remedy Drinks for Body and Soul
Sometimes the simplest things we do in caring for ourselves are the most important. The daily consumption of specific remedy drinks to address our overall state of well-being is a powerful tool. In this class, Sanae will teach the principles of remedy drink preparation, which is not complicated. When added to one’s daily routine, this activity creates a connection between mind/body and soul. TThis is a safe and gentle way to detox, whether the goal is to recover and heal following a serious illness, lose weight or sustain youth and vitality. Health and beauty benefits, such as achieving beautiful skin, hair and nails are supported by this daily practice. Using remedy drink formulas are an excellent way to detoxify the body following prescription medication (including chemotherapy) and achieve hormone balance.

Vegan Macrobiotic Canine Nutrition and Well-being Counseling - $200/person, 60 min.
Sanae Suzuki uses a holistic, macrobiotic approach for our canine companions. Applying macrobiotic philosophies to our furry families is a necessary next step toward achieving a happy and healthy existence for our dogs. Should veterinary medical attention be needed, it’s important to know what healing foods and holistic medicinal remedies are available as an adjunct to holistic veterinary care.

Client will receive:

  • Evaluation of your dog's health, energy, weight, emotions, behavior and other challenges through obtaining history
  • Recommendations of food, herbs, flower remedies and massage points specific to each dog
  • Recommendations regarding which commercial dog foods are helpful when it is not possible or convenient to prepare homemade dog food
  • Recipes by email (after cruise) and referrals for holistic veterinarians in your area

Vegan Macrobiotic Natural Beauty Counseling for Skin, Hair and Nails - $250/person, 15 min. 1st session, 60 min. 2nd session
Skin is our largest organ and is exposed to many contaminants. Many commercial skincare products are often used without regard to the effects of these products have on our skin. Sanae creates skin, nail and hair care products using plant-based macrobiotic ingredients. She incorporates macrobiotic principles to help her clients achieve beautiful skin, nails and hair. Her recommendations focus on providing solutions to rejuvenate aging skin and address common skin issues to achieve an appropriate balance. Two meetings are required - the first meeting, Sanae will evaluate the client wearing the usual make up, nail polish and hair products, which takes about 15 minutes. The second meeting, Sanae will evaluate the client without make up, nail polish and hair products, which takes 60 minutes.

Clients will receive:

  • Evaluation and identification of the source of client’s skin, nails and hair condition
  • Recommendations for dietary interventions, herbs and aromatherapy essential oils
  • Instructions for making homemade skin, hair & nail product
  • Sampling of Sanae’s skin, hair and nail products available for purchase
  • Recipes by email subsequent to cruise

Flower Remedies Consultation - $200/person, 60 min.
Sanae is a Bach Foundation registered practitioner of flower essences. The realities of everyday life can affect our true well-being. Family, friends and work demands on our time and energy can sometimes leave us frustrated and drained. Anxiety, worry, fear and sleeplessness can result in a lack of energy and enthusiasm for life. Yet, the soul within us remains, calling upon us to shine our light.

Bach Flower Essences are specifically balanced to address negative emotions and have been formulated into dilute homeopathic mixtures. These flower essences (remedies) can be used alone or in combination to address various states of mind. They are safe, non-toxic and do not interact with any other forms of treatment.

Client will receive:

  • An evaluation of current emotional condition, stress level, and specific situation
  • An assessment and determination of which flower remedies will aid in achieving one's inner peace and balance negative emotions
  • A personal mixture in a 30ml bottle which lasts for 2-3 weeks

Click here to purchase a consultation from Sanae Suzuki.

Books by Sanae Suzuki

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