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Verne Varona

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For over forty years, Verne Varona's lectures, workshops and media appearances have motivated thousands of people to take better and more conscious care of their health. He is a renowned keynote speaker throughout the US, Canada and Europe, known for a captivating style that uses humor, insight and practical science to improve and enrich the lives of many. He studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and nutrition at the East West Foundation of Boston, Massachusetts (1970-1974).

From 1988 to 1992 Verne was co-founder and director of a Los Angeles medical group. With his physician associate, Verne co-created the ODDS Program (Off Dangerous Drugs Safely), a dietary program designed to reverse pharmaceutical drug dependency for conditions such as hypertension and diabetes with dietary/lifestyle guidelines featured in his published books.

Verne is the author of Macrobiotics for Dummies (Wiley Publications) and the newly revised Nature's Cancer-Fighting Foods (Perigee/Penguin). Currently, he is writing a biography of beloved natural foods innovator, visionary and peace activist, Michio Kushi. Verne resides in New York State.

Lectures for the 2017 Cruise

Keynote Lecture: Dynamic Principles - Defining the "Great Life"
The foundation of macrobiotics is based on a number of universal principles that are simply natural laws of life and change that are common to many religions, ideologies and ancient spiritual teachings. These principles can exert a powerful influence on our mental, spiritual and physical health. Explore these principles in a practical and clear light with everyday examples that can help reveal how they can be implemented in daily life.

Lecture: Adventures in Recovery – 12 Vital Self-Healing Traits
When we look closely at the data on those who have survived life-threatening illness, we see a vast number of successful options that don't fit into any pat formula; one individual’s saving grace could be another's road to demise. There are many "selves" to consider, from physical, spiritual and psychological, to the subdivisions within each. True holistic healing should nurture each characteristic. The 12 traits of a self-healing individual offer a positive, life-changing influence on our health, happiness and relationships. This fascinating, insightful talk will probe and concisely explain what those traits are and how we can develop them.

Lecture: Multicultural Macrobiotics for the 21st Century – A Real World Approach to Sensible, Practical & Balanced Eating
Macrobiotic dietary principles form a core teaching of how to nourish and heal our bodies. They are commonsense and time-tested food principles that are an evolving foundation for good health. These principles insure that you receive better nutritional balance, minimize cravings for junk foods and make foods more satisfying and digestible. Originating from rich cultural origins, they are health-sustaining, universal and offer you a compass for eating anything, anywhere. Learn how to make your way of eating more personalized, flexible and real-world!

Lecture: Meaning, Creativity and Intuition – Becoming a Person of Passion
Finding meaning is a critical component of a fulfilling life, as is learning how to nurture our creative impulses that bring us fully into the moment, with the unifying process of intuition as your guide. Having a sense of meaning strengthens the will to live and allows us to enjoy the bliss of each day, help others, maintain a spiritual perspective and find a passion for creative pursuits. Intuition is an inner voice that speaks to us constantly. We need to acknowledge and trust that voice in order to benefit from its wisdom. Coming from a family of clairvoyants, Verne will reveal a listening and questioning process that can open the door to a more profound and healing relationship most of us have been avoiding — or have been in denial of recognizing. A talk not to be missed!

Lecture: Laughing Not Permitted!
"After 12 years of therapy, my psychiatrist, Ronnie Shakes, said three words that brought tears to my eyes: 'No hablo ingles' ".
A sense of humor, either sharing laughter or being able to laugh at ourselves, has proven to be a powerful emotional tool. A humorous perspective that celebrates irony or appreciates the futility of everyday life helps us not to take ourselves so seriously and eases our navigation through turbulent waters. Our body loves what humor does: from enhancing immunity to improving oxygen flow, helping to discharge toxic carbon dioxide wastes and improving numerous internal chemical responses. Humor is a cardinal ingredient for happiness and self-healing. Come and get your Vitamin-H!

Counseling with Verne Varona - $400/person, $600/couple, $750/family, 60 min. + Skype Follow-Up & PDF Support
With over 4 decades of counseling experience, a consult with Verne Varona, the founder and co-director of a Los Angeles medical clinic and author of three popular health books, is not your ordinary counseling experience. Sessions are personalized and tailored to your specific needs. Skype follow-up is essential and extends for a 4-week period. Additionally, Verne offers all clients a number of PDFs as support and guidance for their particular challenges.

Books by Verne Varona

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