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Wilbur May

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German-born Australian Wilbur May brings more than 20 years of natural health experience to Ohashiatsu®. Wilbur’s rich background in yoga, meditation and massage gives him a multi-faceted approach to holistic healing. He was a director of massage and president of the leading alternative healing center, the Natural Health Society, in Western Australia. In 1991, he was invited to join the staff of the Hippocrates Health Institute as a key instructor and therapist, where he worked for 12 years. Wilbur studied with Ohashi for eight years, graduated and became a C.O.I. (Certified Ohashiatsu Instructor). He currently makes house calls for Ohashiatsu treatments and is also a board-certified Florida massage therapist and teacher.

Private Consultation for the 2016 Cruise

Ohashiatsu® Session - $150/person, 55 min.
Ohashiatsu® helps to restore the harmonious energy flow in the body. In this 50-minute treatment, gentle pressure and stretches are used to recharge the meridians (energy channels). Based on thousands of years of Eastern healing practices, Ohashi developed it further and adapted it to Western needs. Although I owe most of my skills to my brilliant teacher, Ohashi, I developed my own style over the years, giving Ohashiatsu® to many people. Because Ohashiatsu® not only revitalizes a person but also centers them, it deserves the name: Touch for Peace.

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