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Yogi Desai

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Yogi Desai is an internationally recognized authority in the field of yoga and health and has authored many books on personal growth health and transformation. He began teaching in 1960, making him one of the earliest pioneers of yoga in the West. He is the founder of the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, one of the largest holistic centers in America. The multi-level inner depth of yoga he developed has been so widely adopted, that today more than 5,000 yoga teachers and thousands of healing professionals teach his methodology in more than 40 countries around the world. He continues to provide accredited professional Yoga Nidra and Yoga Teacher Trainings (200- and 500-hour Yoga Alliance approved) through the Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs, Fl. Over the past 50 years his teachings have made a powerful and profound impact that has touched the hearts of millions worldwide. His innovative Amrit Method® teachings are universal, insightful, experiential and easily adaptable by everyone, regardless of religious or cultural background.

Lectures, Workshops and Private Consultations for the 2014 Cruise

Lecture: Stress - The Invisible Silent Stalker
Stress is violence against yourself. You are the predator and the prey. Under stress we see problems instead of solutions. When you carry stress and conflict within you, it is created wherever you go, with everyone you meet, and through everything you do. Stress is epidemic. It is the invisible underlying cause of common physical and emotional-based disorders that surface as symptoms of cancer, hypertension, insomnia and anxiety.

85% of all health problems are caused by stress. Psychosomatic stress creates conflicts that cause degenerative self-destructive physical, mental, emotional disorders and habit patterns. Stress is their hidden cause. When you remove the "cause," all the symptoms you experience as effects begin to heal and disappear.

Live life in a Zero Stress Zone, relaxed and free from stress-producing, conflicting forces of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Integrative relaxation creates balance and harmony and unleashes the self-healing, restorative, regenerative wisdom of the body: increasing digestive fire, accelerating metabolic and catabolic processes, and restoring health and vitality.

Lecture: From Crisis to Living Consciously
Setbacks in health, divorce and business failures that appear to be a crisis can be a window for transformation. Learn how these unexpected situations in life can be opportunities for personal growth and expanded awareness. Crisis creates dysfunctional, incapacitating reactions such as fear, anger and frustration. When you are the victim of crisis-born emotions, they distort your perception of reality and take you outside your circle of influence. When you are the victim of your emotional reactions the situation triggering them is not doing as much damage as your reaction to it. You will learn to disengage from such self-destructive patterns that prevent you from connecting to your hidden powers of creativity and constructive resolutions. Crisis becomes an opening for consciously exploring your higher potential.

Lecture: Addiction - From Recovery to Self-Discovery
Addictions are commonly associated with alcohol, drugs, work, food or sex. But most people are just as heavily addicted to their self-destructive habit patterns. Addiction grows progressively from a choice to an attraction to obsession. The separation from the source within, creates a craving for sensual pleasure through indulgence which can never be satisfied. It may temporarily relieve the stress but simultaneously creates more stress.

Addiction is a secondary manifestation of stress held in our unconscious as energy blockages. Those blockages are at the root of all health problems, mental disturbance and emotional pain. The symptoms that appear on the surface are like the tip of an iceberg, but the source of stress in our unconscious remains invisible below the surface. If you treat only the symptoms, you ignore the hidden cause, creating another layer of stress and more addiction.

The Integrated Amrit Methods teach you how to treat symptoms, the effects and the hidden cause simultaneously, leading you from recovery to Self-discovery.

Lecture: Blame, Shame and Guilt - The Need to Forgive
Forgiveness can be a tool to achieve peace and harmony or, forgiveness becomes just another mind-game, a tool for judging another. With blame we hold another at fault and in shame we hold ourselves at fault.

Expecting anyone or anything to be a certain way to make you happy is an offense to reality. That dependency on another for happiness demands that you control or manipulate another to get what you want and when you don’t get it, you hold them responsible and create a situation that needs forgiveness. If you accept yourself for the same things you are judging and blaming another for, this is true forgiveness. When you accept yourself and the other as they are there are no grounds for forgiveness. When there is no blame or shame there is no need for forgiveness.

You have entered the oneness where I am at peace with myself as I am and the world as it is.

Practice: Experience of the Dimension of Timelessness - The Zero Stress Zone - $75/person.
You will be guided into an indepth experience of inner harmony, integration and balance. The practice of Yoga Nidra takes you effortlessly into deeper states of relaxation than most people are able to achieve after long years of meditation. When you are submerged in the slower alpha brain waves, your entire body and being merge into tranquility and stillness. This zero stress zone is the master key that frees the trapped healing forces in your muscular and neuroglandular systems. This creates an opening for you to tap into your source of restorative, regenerative and healing life force.

Connect with your higher self where all prayers and affirmations are actualized with effortless ease. Healing that happens on this level is often perceived as miraculous.

Stimulate the hormone melatonin which can:

  • Reduce stress and induce restful sleep
  • Accelerate healing and prevent premature aging
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Decrease high blood pressure

Personal Lifestyle Counseling and Coaching - $200/person; $275/couple or $95 each for groups of 3 or more
Receive personal counseling from a world renown Master of Yoga whose counsel and teachings have transformed the lives of thousands over the past 52 years. His approach is based on ancient principles and techniques that have a biological, psychological and spiritual foundation that is practical and easily adopted. These techniques have been effectively embraced by many healing and health professionals, psychologists, psychotherapists and counselors. These ancient techniques are more effective than today’s more conventional approaches to healing and counseling. Learn to resolve conflict whether in love, family or business life and restore harmony and peace without anger, violence or guilt. This 50-minute counseling session can help you turn transitional crisis situations into personal transformation that will impact all areas of your life.

When you change your perception of yourself, the whole world changes.

Click here to purchase a consultation from Yogi Desai.

Books and CDs by Yogi Desai

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