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"The Holistic Holiday at Sea™ cruise is a transforming experience. It's an opportunity to expand your knowledge and eat perfectly healthy foods while relaxing in the beautiful Caribbean. It wouldn't surprise me if you came back from your vacation a different person."
Neal Barnard, M.D., Washington, DC
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The Value of Vegan Yoga Retreats

Principles Shared at a Vegan Yoga Retreat

The Yoga and Vegan lifestyles share many similar principles, but the most direct link between these two perspectives is the principle of “ahimsa” or “non-violence”. The Yoga lifestyle has values called referred to as the YAMAS and ahimsa is the first and most important. Non-violence applies to how we treat all beings, our physical bodies, and our minds. It applies to what we say and do, and especially to what we eat. Gandhi dedicated his whole life to the principle of ahimsa. He is one of the most powerful examples of the Yoga lifestyle. H. Jay Dinshah, the founder of the American Vegan Society, is another great example of both a Yoga practitioner and someone who followed the vegan lifestyle. The American Vegan Society started in 1960 and was founded on the idea of what Dinshah called “ahimsa,” or “dynamic harmlessness”. In addition to ahimsa the other four Yoga principles are:

  • SATYA = Truthfulness
    Be honest as well as sensitive to other and diplomatic. Keep everyone’s best interests at heart.
  • ASTEYA = Non-stealing
    Take only what you need and leave the rest to others. Be thankful for what you already have.
  • BRAHMACHARYA = Faithfulness
    Stay faithful to your relationships, beliefs, values, and commitments.
  • APARIGRAHA = Non-greed
    Do not hoard material things, live simply.

Why Go on a Vegan Yoga Retreat

There are many reasons to attend a Vegan Yoga retreat, but the first and most important one is so you can achieve mind and body balance. The principles of Yoga state that what you eat and how you treat all other beings on Earth affects your health physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The principles of the Vegan lifestyle and diet also support the idea that a mind body balance is key to living a long life free of disease and to making a more powerful contribution to the world. Eating vegan meals while doing yoga strengthens body and mind and facilitates healing. A Vegan Yoga retreat can be the perfect way to:

  1. Get away and relax
  2. Focus on self care and healing
  3. Celebrate a change in your life
  4. Center and press an internal reset button
  5. Learn more daily practices that promote overall health and wellness

Holistic Holiday at Sea – The Ultimate Vegan Yoga Retreat

If you are searching for a Vegan Yoga retreat that you will never forget, then consider taking a Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise. Experience the trip of a lifetime as you visit ports in the sunny Caribbean on a state-of-the-art cruise ship. You will enjoy presentations and classes by national and international vegan and macrobiotic experts, chefs, educators, authors, and doctors, along with delicious meals made with the highest quality ingredients. Visit our rates chart to learn more about room options. Find out about this year's Holistic Holiday at Sea presenters. Don’t miss your chance to relax, rejuvenate, and renew your body, mind, and spirit on a Vegan Yoga retreat in the Caribbean.

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