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"The Holistic Holiday at Sea™ cruise is a transforming experience. It's an opportunity to expand your knowledge and eat perfectly healthy foods while relaxing in the beautiful Caribbean. It wouldn't surprise me if you came back from your vacation a different person."
Neal Barnard, M.D., Washington, DC
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A Vegan Adventure and Holistic Cruise Rolled into One

Take the Ultimate Vegan Adventure

It’s easy, while sailing on board the luxurious MSC Divina, to forget where you are: the middle of the vast Caribbean Sea. So consider going up on deck to feel the warm breeze, look over the railing, and take in the view. Somewhere beyond the long, flat horizon are island ports waiting to be explored. And behind you, back in the ship, are people to meet and things to learn. The Holistic Holiday at Sea is about exploration: leaving what you known and discovering what you don’t.

On-Board Activities and Discovery

Look at a cruise program and you’ll know that every day is loaded with classes, lectures, and socials. This means ample opportunities to try new things. Never done Qi Gong? Great. Throw on some comfy clothes, get up early, and head up to the deck to give it a try. Looking for a new friend to discuss your vegan adventures? Head over to the lunch buffet and sit down with someone you don’t know. Can’t decide on which afternoon lecture to attend? Pick the one on the topic you know the least about and see what you learn. Learning new things, making new friends, and discovering new passions is what makes the cruise exciting.

Explore Ports of Call with Exciting Excursions

Journeying on a ship means that the scenery is always changing. If you sign up beforehand for an excursion, you can spend your days off the ship tubing, kayaking, horseback riding, snorkeling, and more. You can also leave things unplanned and explore a port city or beach island on your own. Maybe you go off the beaten trail for a long walk. You check out the local street scenes. Cross paths with a big green lizard. Go inside a hole-in-the-wall cafe to rest, have a snack, and dust off your high school Spanish to chat with locals. Or, maybe you rent a scooter a zip around town all day. You’ll find lots of opportunities during the Holistic Holiday at Sea for unforgettable vegan adventure.

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Beautiful Locations

San Juan Porto Rico
Beaches of Cozumel, Mexico
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Exquisite Cuisine

Spring Rolls
Gourmet Vegan Meals
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Luxurious Ship

Ship in Port
Cruising Italian Style
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Spacious Rooms

Suite with Veranda
Verandas and Suites Available
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Renowned Lecturers

Dr. Neal Barnard
World Leaders in Holistic Health
Including Dr. T. Colin Campbell

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