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"The Holistic Holiday at Sea™ cruise is a transforming experience. It's an opportunity to expand your knowledge and eat perfectly healthy foods while relaxing in the beautiful Caribbean. It wouldn't surprise me if you came back from your vacation a different person."
Neal Barnard, M.D., Washington, DC
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Vegetarian Health Benefits

How to Get the Maximum Vegetarian Health Benefits Out of Your Diet

Eating a vegetarian diet does not ensure proper nutrition or guarantee a healthy lifestyle. If natural weight loss, improved heart health, lower cholesterol and other health goals are on your agenda your vegetarian diet will need to be carefully planned and executed. There are a few guidelines you can follow in order to maximize the vegetarian health benefits of your diet. This will help you design a lifestyle that supports and promotes healthy eating every day.

5 Tips to Increase Vegetarian Health Benefits

1. Eat Whole Grains to Enhance Vegetarian Health Benefits

Whole foods are one of the most important parts of a healthy diet, whole grains are especially important for vegetarians that enjoy bread and pasta. Whole grains are more complex and not as processed, which means they are more easily broken down by the body and have increased nutritional value. Complex carbohydrates are also better for anyone interested in natural weight loss. They provide your body with more fuel and therefore more energy. If it’s a choice between white bread and multigrain, choose the multigrain. If it’s a choice between cheap spaghetti and whole grain bowtie pasta choose the whole grain, even if it is more expensive. You body will thank you.

2. Avoid Processed Sugar During Every Meal

Processed sugar is a downfall for many people in the modern world. Just like processed grains, processed sugar offers our bodies very little nutritional value and can cause many side affects over the years. Organic sugar and sugar alternatives such as Stevia, honey and molasses are much better options. In the long run avoiding sugar all together may be the best way to get the best vegetarian health benefits since it can cause so many addictive behaviors and cravings in people when it comes to eating.

3. Avoid Foods High in Fat to Increase Vegetarian Health Benefits and Weight Loss

Foods that are high in fat are always a problem, especially for anyone looking to lose weight naturally. Dairy and nuts can both be high in fat content so it is important to be aware of how eating these regularly will affect your health goals. Cheese can be the downfall of anyone, even a vegetarian. When it comes to fat content make sure you eat healthy fats that your body needs and eat everything in moderation.

4. Choose Organic When It Matters Most

Most healthy people are aware that organic food is better for our bodies and eating organic can help increase vegan and vegetarian health benefits. However, eating organic all the time can be costly. One way to make sure you protect yourself from chemicals and toxins, without breaking the bank, is to buy organic when it is most beneficial. Fruits like strawberries, apples and cherries and vegetables like tomatoes, bell peppers and lettuce are worth buying organic because these foods are often treated with pesticides.

5. Health is About More than Eating, Include Exercise in Your Daily Routine

No healthy lifestyle is truly healthy without the inclusion of daily exercise. In order to keep your heart, lungs and brain in shape, as well as maintain a healthy weight daily exercise is essential. If you want to ensure you are getting the maximum amount of vegetarian health benefits create a daily exercise routine that fits into your lifestyle. This will guarantee your body is healthy inside and out.

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